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Jacaranda Debris

Comments in order of when they were received | (reverse order)

 COMMENT 420504 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 11:47 AM

You are making a big deal out of a small problem.


 COMMENT 420506P helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 11:50 AM

504- agree to disagree. I feel the OP's concern. These trees are very annoying in the spring.


 COMMENT 420508 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 11:54 AM

You do not have the right to an annoyance-free life. Here's my suggestion... get a soft-bristle brush and wipe the flowers off your car before you start driving. The trees were there before you are, I'm almost certain. If you don't like them.... move.


 COMMENT 420509 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 11:54 AM

I love the jacaranda trees! They are so beautiful, and I enjoy seeing them lining the streets this time of year. Sorry that you're annoyed by them.... They will be done blooming soon.


 COMMENT 420511 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 11:56 AM

In my opinion, that Jeep looks better in purple.


 COMMENT 420513 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 11:59 AM

I am with you brother! I HATE these dang trees....! They litter ALL YEAR AROUND. If it's not the sappy-cat-pee-smelling flowers, it the sticks, then it's the tiny leaves. I honestly sweep 4x a week in front of my house, Between the non-native jacarandas and constantly shedding eucalyptus trees, I FILL a large green waste bin every week, and I live on a little street with a little house.
The CREEKS DIVSION should pay me for keeping 30lbs. A week of tree litter from going down our storm drains and clogging our creeks... The City, in all their wisdom, planted more than 60,000 NON-NATIVE trees in SB and then wonder why our natural creeks are stagnant and polluted with tree litter....Hey, I know... Lets create a "Creeks Division" and fund all the Environmental Greenie grads buddies from UCSB, pay them big salaries, tax the tourists more, and create our own livelihood here in SB so we don't have to go back to Iowa when we graduate...! LOL...


 COMMENT 420514 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 11:59 AM

We call it Santa Barbara snow and look forward to it every year. Just park somewhere else or get a car cover. Be at one with the beauty of nature.


 COMMENT 420517 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:01 PM

These trees are a major blight. We are in the process of removing ours. They are disgusting trees and should have never been used as street trees in the first place. The people saying these trees are not a problem have no idea. It is not a simple just brush the leaves away type situation. They permanently can stain vehicles and smell atrocious. They need to go. Go native people!


 COMMENT 420518 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:02 PM

Live and let live, OP.
Try to appreciate the beauty instead of the drawbacks.
Try to appreciate that people around get great joy from these trees, and that maybe others' happiness is worth more than your small annoyances.
Try to appreciate that street sweeping is someone else's (likely) sole income.

Empathy is beautiful thing.


 COMMENT 420519 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:02 PM

I agree the trees are beautiful, but messy. Like the olive tree. Street sweeping helps that the leaves and flowers as well as trash left by inconsiderate people does not wash down our drains to he ocean. And heaven forbid we get some actual rain, we want those gutters flowing as many parts of S.B. flooded quite easily.


 COMMENT 420524 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:04 PM

I love the way the Jacarandas look.

But having an OLD one in the front yard planted way too close to the house. They are a giant mess. And it is not just spring. They are a mess for all seasons.

As for just brushing them aside, the flowers are filled with honey dew so they coat your car with stickiness that would ruin your car brush with the first swipe and just smear the goo.

I try and sweep it up and put in the compost bin, but honestly, it makes poor compost as well.


 COMMENT 420533 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:21 PM

Bottlebrush trees are even worse and they drop stuff year round. HATE. All the vents and rain drains on our cars are plugged with red fuzz, leaves and seed balls. I would pay to change to Jacarandas for the seasonal droppings from year round.

The City could save money because they could sweep biweekly for much of the year, rather than weekly. Love trees, but there are far better choices (I acknowledge that the choice of tree was made +60 years ago).


 COMMENT 420534 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:21 PM

The people who love Jacaranda trees probably love crows. Love nature. At least I can get rid of Jacaranda trees.


 COMMENT 420535 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:27 PM

The trees are beautiful. I'll put up with a little mess (which I never really considered it a mess) for the beautiful show that lasts such a short time.
If it really bothers you park on a different street until it's over or buy a car cover and shake it off in the AM.


 PJG helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:31 PM

I love these trees and would endure any type "hardship" to have them around. I also have an "annoying" tree in my front yard (one that is not nearly as beautiful as the Jacaranda). I park under it every day and yes I have to do a little extra clean-up (the flowers are small and sticky and it also drops red berries that are easily tromped into the house and car). But I think other parts of the country are shoveling snow around their cars, dealing with mud or steering wheels so hot they can't touch. I feel blessed to live in a city with so many Jacarandas.


 COMMENT 420539P helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:32 PM

I love the jacaranda trees and I like the crows, so 534 is right for me --- but how do you (and 517) get rid of the street tree?

Santa Barbara is beautiful at this time of year, but most definitely one can't please everyone: some would like just the trunks of palms; some prefer just cement; others like the trees. As for the cars, cover your car at night!


 COMMENT 420541P helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:33 PM

Buy a car cover.


 COMMENT 420542 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:34 PM

pee trees. the smell is far worse than the sap.


 COMMENT 420513 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:36 PM

To the "nature" lovers, they are not native to SB. Go to the SB Historical museum and look at pictures of SB 100 yrs ago...The only trees are sparse oaks and sycamores along the creeks!


 COMMENT 420548 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:42 PM

These trees are an ecological disaster. They specialize in soaking up all the available water wherever they're planted. As long as a Jacaranda tree is in the area, all native trees might as well be extinct.


 COMMENT 420550 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 12:43 PM

I love them & they don't last that long.


 COMMENT 420564P helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 01:12 PM

Time to do an "LA" and chop them all down. Nope, no space shuttle coming through on the way to the science museum, but what the heck!

Cut 'em all and then the complainers won't have anything to worry & grouse about.


Yeah, right!


 COMMENT 420566 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 01:16 PM

Don't park underneath the tree?


 COMMENT 420570 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 01:38 PM

The season is too short and the trees are so beautiful.

I don't mind if the flowers drop and blanket the driveway, my car, and me.

There is worse.

544 How sad, no colour. Actually we are in a desert so there are not supposed to be any non natives growing.,

What's wrong with crows now?

Been here over 50 years and there are an awful lot more humans littering the place now along with bad angry drivers.


 COMMENT 420576 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 01:57 PM

IMO OP was making a subtle jab at corrupt city tactics to increase ticket revenue. The jacaranda trees were merely symbolic representations of the ignorant and manipulated citizens, hence the best option being to " rid of them entirely", to paraphrase. At the end of the day, irrespective of your " outlook" (hate the trees or be one with nature), the city is laughing it's ass off to the bank with your money. Touché, OP.


 COMMENT 420594 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 02:44 PM

I think they are beautiful!


 COMMENT 420597 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 02:45 PM

My only thought after reading this was... 'my, those petals sure look pretty on that car'

I must be doing something right.


 COMMENT 420600 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 02:48 PM

Why does this remind me of the guy a few years back who bought a house near the mission, and then tried to get the City Council to ban the mission bells till some hour that he would be awake?


 COMMENT 420602 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 02:50 PM

Wow. Just wow. I had to leave Santa Barbara for several years back around 2000. I was able to visit annually, but I missed home.
I based my vacation schedule on the jacaranda blooms. The sight made me feel so great, and to this day, I open my sunroof when I pass under one, hoping petals will fall in my car. It feels like good luck. The purple snow, as the poets of yore might say, gladdens my heart.
I can't believe how cranky and unhappy people are about everything, including a flowering tree! I will never understand why so many people feel so much discontent.


 COMMENT 420607 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 02:54 PM

Its not discontent, its a messy tree. Beautiful but messy.

I will never understand why people are more inclined to be super duper extra happy when something is deserving of critique. Not everything is perfect, not everything is fantastic and wonderful and excellent... Polly Anna comes to mind


 COMMENT 420608P helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 02:59 PM

I love jacaranda trees, in someone else's yard.


 COMMENT 420614 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 03:10 PM

I've noticed this year seems to be the the heaviest bloom in twenty years. I park my truck under one and I don't mind one bit. In fact yesterday I went out and sat on my tailgate with a PBR and lavender blossoms fell around me.

Que "A blossom fell," by Nat King Cole.



 COMMENT 420620 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 03:19 PM

This post made me start singing "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell.....remember anyone? "They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot.....you don't know what you got till it's gone".

Great song, great lesson!


 COMMENT 420634 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 04:15 PM

616: Where do you get the idea that renters have "no say" in what happens on their streets or in their neighborhood. We all vote, we all pay taxes, we all have people representing us. We are not a feudal society. Property ownership is not and never has been a requirement for people to be civic minded.


 COMMENT 420639 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 04:22 PM

628P - No, parking on the street does not necessarily make you a renter, but living near the corner of Bath and Sola makes it a pretty high probability. And yes, homeowners should and do have more influence with the city on issues effecting our neighborhoods.


 COMMENT 420642 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 04:38 PM

Dear Edhat paid subscribers, does anyone agree with me that cutting off comments by unpaid subscribers has run it's course and now is a bad idea?

If Edhat wants to delete a comment that's fine. (and I mean delete, as in remove) But please let the conversation continue.


 EDHAT ONLINE helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 04:47 PM

Thanks for the feedback Dan. You can always email us directly with your feedback to not detract from the ongoing conversation on this thread, ed@edhat.com


 MESARATS helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 05:50 PM

Looks like the Jeep doesn't have a front plate. Hope it doesn't get a ticket for that in addition to parking on sweep day. To the OP. You must be new here if you find the spring bloom and street sweeping peculiar, or maybe just one of the slow moving children mentioned (I thought that was pretty funny and may have to use that one) Street sweeping is not just about debris, but also other pollutants you dont see such as oil, pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria. It reduces the amount in the creeks that flow imto the ocean and some of us like that. They suck up the water that is sprayed so it isnt washed down the drains and they do run testing ( not sure how often) on what is collected. Also the reason they run twice a week is so one side of the street is open for parking. It would really be hell if they closed both sides. As for the trees they are messy as are many other living things, like slow moving children.


 ILIKECAKE helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 06:23 PM

Trees are not evil. Ents are trees, (JRR Tolkien).


 COMMENT 420689P helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 06:44 PM

Ents are not trees, they are tree-like creatures, having become like the trees that they herded. They vary in traits, from everything to height and size, colouring, and the number of fingers and toes. An individual Ent more or less resembles the specific species of tree that they typically guard.


 FLICKA helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 07:28 PM

We had a huge one when I was growing up, right outside my bedroom. Purple flowers all over the lawn, driveway and rose garden. We loved it, I never noticed a "smell". Some people are never satisfied, have to have something to complain about,


 AUNTIE S. helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 07:54 PM

How about using a car cover? Too much trouble?


 COMMENT 420726 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 08:30 PM

The 'trouble' is worth the sheer beauty, hands down.


 COMMENT 420742P helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 08:55 PM

Grew up with one in our front yard and it was messy but gorgeous and worth it! It is an awesome part of SB and only colorful for a little while, then green. Don't park under them when they are flowering and all will be well.


 COMMENT 420751P helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 09:32 PM

Love, love, love them. But then I try to live with nature and celebrate it.


 COMMENT 420752P helpful negative off topic

2013-06-14 09:41 PM

If people used their garages for parking, then you wouldn't have any problems with stains on your car. And if you only have a one car garage, maybe you should only have one car. And if you don't have a garage at all, I guess you're stuck using a car cover or moving. I love the jacaranda trees! Yes, I do park in a garage.


 COMMENT 420769 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-15 06:28 AM

I've been in SB for 15 years, and the jac's are really amazing this year, especially on cloudy mornings.


 BONNER helpful negative off topic

2013-06-15 08:47 AM

Don't know why Dan introduced Paid vs unpaid subscribers in this run but just want to say that I am paid and I hope more and more people subscribe, it's the most wonderful service for what you get; and there are more than enough comments on both sides of this topic so nothing is sacrificed as far as I can tell. Love love love Jacarandas and most flowering trees, native or not, don't have to travel exotic places to see them, they're right here in our beautiful Santa Barbara, lucky to live here.


 COMMENT 420881 helpful negative off topic

2013-06-15 12:18 PM

I love them and wish they lined every street! They are far prettier than the scruffy little melaleucas that were planted on our street a few years ago. Jacarandas and the purple-topped agapanthus are in full bloom now and just beautiful!


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