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Pedestrian Sting

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 COMMENT 366053 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 09:35 AM

Sweet! This is good stuff. Will they be impounding and arresting unlicensed drivers too? I hope so...


 COMMENT 366058 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 09:55 AM

I wish they would do this on Hollister in Old Town Goleta. I've been crossing the street with the crosswalk lights flashing and almost got hit by a postal truck that came to a screeching hault. It's not an isolated case.


 COMMENT 366063 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 10:01 AM

I walk and drive aroound town and was a long distance cyclist for years.

By far rhe worst offenders to the rest of our well being are:

-cars that blow though pedestrian cross walks.
-distracted pedestrians (texting) walking into traffic.
-cyclists that blow through stop signs, ride on the sidewalks.

If we could get drivers paying better attention to pedestrians that would be good Seems there was a ped vs vehicle almost every week for months now.


 COMMENT 366069 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 10:05 AM

If the lights are on but the pedestrian has already crossed and is out of the street, do you still have to stop?


 COMMENT 366072 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 10:11 AM

6069.... yes, red light means stop. Even a stop sign when there is nobody at the intersection and nobody looking means you must Stop.


 COMMENT 366073 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 10:15 AM

058 - They have done this on Hollister in Old Town Goleta. It was last summer, they had a bunch of police motorcyles and cars hiding and pouncing on offenders. I'm sure they will do it again.


 COMMENT 366076 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 10:22 AM

072, are your lights on? Crosswalk lights, not traffic signals.


 COMMENT 366082 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 10:36 AM

Once the cross walk is clear I believe you can proceed. The crosswalk lights are cautionary, but the pedestrian is the determining factor.


 COMMENT 366084 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 10:36 AM

072's lights are on. No one is home.


 COMMENT 366089 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 10:42 AM

Here is the answer to the inevitable question that's asked whenever this type of thread appears...

If you are stopped on Milpas for a pedestrian that is crossing the street from your right to your left, you ARE ALLOWED to proceed once the pedestrian has passed the halfway point. You DO NOT have to wait until the pedestrian is standing on the other curb.

BTW the heaviest fine you can receive in one of these stings is for proceeding through a crosswalk when a car going in your direction is already stopped for a pedestrian.


 HOOSIER NOT helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 10:42 AM

What bothers me is that I will stop for pedestrians in the cross walk and wait until they are on the other side before proceeding but the guy behind me is honking and giving me a personalized gesture with his finger! Really? I think it may be overkill to wait until they are up on the opposite sidewalk before proceeding but it is the law and I'm just following it!


 COMMENT 366076 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 11:13 AM

hoosier, it's hard not to let rude drivers influence the way you operate your vehicle. It helps to remember that when you do let another driver negate your good habits, it most always results in another negative way.


 COMMENT 366105P helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 11:16 AM


Please post all the details of Thursday's enforcement action & sting in this newly improved pedestrian area. Thanks


 COMMENT 366112 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 11:32 AM

Lets all be very thankful that the police do these stings! Aggressive or non-observant drivers are every where and are a huge risk to our children and seniors. Hammer them with fines over and over until they finally get it. SLOW DOWN!


 COMMENT 366084 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 11:42 AM

From Sergeant Noel Rivas, Traffic/Motors Supervisor - Santa Barbara Police Department

The Vehicle Code states a vehicle must yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk at all times, however most of the local courts have used the following "rule of thumb": If a pedestrian has to stop and/or break stride to avoid being struck by a vehicle, then the violator will usually be found guilty of the violation. If the pedestrian steps off the curb and the vehicle is “significantly” away, then the courts will most likely not find the violator guilty. If the pedestrian passes the vehicle which has yielded and the vehicle then proceeds through, the courts will most likely not find the violator guilty. One more thing, if a vehicle stops to allow a pedestrian to cross, then no matter what the circumstances are, all other vehicles must yield with that first vehicle or be subject to being cited for failing to yield with a vehicle who is yielding for a pedestrian.


 COMMENT 366129 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 11:54 AM

I walk a lot in town, often with one of my kids. Quite frankly, people are now so spooked (about getting cited) that some will slam on their brakes when seeing a pedestrian near a corner. Personally, I often prefer to let cars pass by and then safely cross when none are in sight. Some drivers react with hostility when I try to wave them on politely: thanks, but no, thanks. Cars in other lanes, sometimes with blocked views and not stopping, are often serious hazards.
That being said, there are far too many distracted people driving out there and walking can be scary--far more, I assume if you're elderly, disabled etc. Major intersections, Carrillo and Chapala and De La Vina and Alamar, even with lights and crosswalks, are often dangerous to cross. Almost all the streets (Sola and Garden or Santa Barbara, e.g.) bordering Alameda Park/Alice Keck MG could use sting set-ups, IMO. Have been almost hit there numerous times and I consider myself to be a very aware and careful pedestrian.


 COMMENT 366135 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 11:59 AM

Despite 366089's info (are we sure that applies to crosswalks controlled by lights?) and Hoosier's fear of honking, while you are "allowed" to proceed once the pedestrian has passed the half-way point, for the safety of pedestrians, it's always a good idea to wait until they have crossed the entire street before proceeding. Sometimes seeing another car waiting at the crosswalk is what gives other cars the clue that there's a pedestrian crossing.

It only takes about 10 seconds for most people to cross a street, surely we can all wait a few extra seconds to help ensure pedestrians' safety.


 COMMENT 366063 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 12:58 PM

Perhaps Officer Rivas can comment on this. According to the vehicle code it's ilegal for a motorist to follow traffic directions given by a civillian.

So if a pedestrian is waving a car on through an intersection and yeilding the right of way with the gesture, the gesture is actually directing traffic.

The rules of the road are there so we all know what to expect from one another. As a pedestrian, I no longer wave a motorist through my right-of-way. I just stick to my own business and proceed lawfully while watching carefullly for yahoos.


 COMMENT 366082 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 03:23 PM

168 - You're over thinking this.


 COMMENT 366249 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 03:33 PM

I wonder if the woman who absent mindedly ( believe , real absence of brain power) went thru the red on Mission and Castillo then laughed into her phone is still alive?
Not to mention the numerous times I too or others with me I almost been run down by selfish speeders ect.
There's a LOT of drivers in this town who are lucky I'm not a traffic cop.


 SHOREBIRD helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 05:15 PM

I saw a bicyclist stop at a stop sign the other day.

I've been in Santa Barbara for 18 years.

It's the first time I saw that happen.


 COMMENT 366361 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-22 06:16 PM

168, I'd say provide a link to the section of the vehicle code that says it's illegal for motorists to let pedestrians wave them on, but you can't post links unless you pay money.


 COMMENT 366493 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-23 07:51 AM

Maybe I was that cyclist who stopped. I don't always stop. But just about every time I do, someone waives me through. After I have unclicked my shoe and committed myself to the added physical exertion of regaining my cruising speed, I see no point in that, so we sometimes have a waving contest. I stop for my own safety, not to be polite. Perhaps the police will decide to crack down on bikes next. If 2 ton objects brushing by you at 50 mph won't convince you that you have to be very mindful of your own safety, neither will a $200 ticket.


 COMMENT 366494 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-23 07:54 AM

SHOREBIRD - glad that your blindness was treatable!

My apologies if the sarcasm is a bit too thick, but as a cyclist myself, and a driver, and a pedestrian, I do stop for lights and stop signs (stop - not just slow down) and proceed when safe and legal, and I see plenty of cyclists doing the same, though I too am appalled by the number who do not stop when required, who ride on the wrong side of the road, ride weaving in and out of sidewalks driveways and parked cars, or ride at night without lights

I think a (slight) majority of cyclists in Goleta do stop, or at least slow down enough to put a toe on the ground, but the jerks certanly do tend to grab your attention more.


 COMMENT 366507 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-23 08:28 AM

A crosswalk sting, LOL. I heard someone say when the police are afraid of going after real crime, they make up new crime. This seems pretty apt here. Of course, I wouldn't blame them. It's easier, less dangerous work and a way to make money without putting their lives at risk.


 COMMENT 366530 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-23 09:43 AM

Ped vs. vehicle incidents are a problem and the sting well-intentioned, but once the operation is finished and drivers cited, has it made a real impact on how people drive and reduced the potential for future incidents? This should be the goal of the police force...

They need a paid ped. and multiple officers around to give tickets to a few people...it seems effective as a fundraiser, but not to enlighten drivers to the decisions they are making...many are in a hurry and not aware of the repercussions of bad decisions they make to save a few seconds.

Perhaps a better use of the officer's time is to find ways to stress the importance of pedestrian safety to drivers, whether it be through proposed improvements to the DMV handbook, additions to driver's training courses, or other avenues.

While the sting is going on, there may be a vehicle vs. ped incident somewhere else in town as a result of a driver who doesn't understand the risks they are taking.


 COMMENT 366705 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-23 04:36 PM

A sting is a con game. Creating a crime in order to make an arrest is entrapment. Hope that helps.


 COMMENT 366724 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-23 05:29 PM

The SBPD is refusing to inform the public as to the time the "sting" operations are being conducted. They refuse to give the hours of the "stings" to "discourage" persons from observing and videotaping the operations.


 COMMENT 366759 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-23 07:37 PM

Jaywalking, now that's some serious criminal investigating going down in the SB 'Hood'.

This is crying out for government grant money and a crack team of Kasi Beutel and Aaron Tudor. He can beat the tar out of them and she can forge the signatures on their confessions and maybe even plant some more heroin.


 COMMENT 366833 helpful negative off topic

2013-01-24 07:22 AM

The D.M.V. gives driver handbooks away for FREE! No one has posted an accurate description of the law involving pedestrians at cross walk or in crosswalks and there is a difference.

After you get your FREE copy, you should also read about where you can do legal U-turns, how fast you can go through blind intersections (Milpas & A.P.S. round-a-bouts are both blind intersections), how to proceed at a stop sign and what a stop is (hint, wheels need to stop turning).

There are no motor vehicle accidents but there are people who don't follow the RULES OF THE ROAD! And there are rules for PEDESTRIANS, too! Now if they'd just fine/incarcerate pedestrians for breaking the rules.


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