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All Local News
- 02/26/13

Note: all deleted comments are shown with a 2 hour delay

 COMMENT 379062 helpful negative off topic

Brian Greene Lecture

2013-02-26 08:23 PM

Bernstein > Seibert!

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 COMMENT 379031P helpful negative off topic

Pedestrian vs. Jaywalker

2013-02-26 06:41 PM

022 Eh those are just excuses. Leave earlier. You think you're not gonna lose your job if you murder a family on your way to work?

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 ROGER DODGER helpful negative off topic

Eastside Water Pressure

2013-02-26 04:33 PM

Em tae.

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 COMMENT 378949 helpful negative off topic

SBMS Experience

2013-02-26 04:12 PM

Biggest plus, your typical gangbanger's family can't afford the $24K tuition, even with financial aid.

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 COMMENT 378926 helpful negative off topic

Homeschool Groups

2013-02-26 02:59 PM

Unless a child has disabilities there's no reason for homeschooling unless you want to keep your child stupid.

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 COMMENT 378871 helpful negative off topic

Pedestrian vs. Jaywalker

2013-02-26 12:33 PM

Darwin Award for sure

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 COMMENT 378860 helpful negative off topic

The Bacara deal has been finalized....

2013-02-26 11:57 AM

Now, that is disdain and jealousy 854. Just remember you were the one who started hurling insults here......you're sure OC wouldn't be a better fit for you?

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 COMMENT 378858 helpful negative off topic

Westside Stabbings

2013-02-26 11:48 AM

811 is full of sh*t. I've heard of something like that going on in the hood but it ain't even all that serious

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 COMMENT 378824P helpful negative off topic

Westside Stabbings

2013-02-26 10:25 AM

Hey! 583! You ain't da boss of me! Shuddupayourface!

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 COMMENT 378806 helpful negative off topic

Funk Zone Fire

2013-02-26 09:51 AM

"Outed" the flames? Do fires have a sexual orientation now?

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 COMMENT 378777 helpful negative off topic

Catholic School

2013-02-26 08:41 AM

694 Nobody cares.

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 COMMENT 378769 helpful negative off topic

Westside Stabbings

2013-02-26 08:28 AM

680 is the wannabe-literate pot calling the illiterate kettle black.

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 COMMENT 378746 helpful negative off topic

Catholic School

2013-02-26 07:55 AM

More White Flight from the public schools.

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 COMMENT 378720 helpful negative off topic

Westside Stabbings

2013-02-26 06:53 AM

680 is wrong. Trevon Martin is dead. We don't need yahoos waving guns around thinking they are well trained enough to use them. We already have plenty of cops in this town. We don't certainly don't need George Zimmerman-style wannabes.

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