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November 22, 2005 - Hook, Link, and Ed

Yesterday the dedicated staff of edhat.com was Gone Fishin’. We walked down all 2,027 planks of Stearns Wharf to check up on the angler activity going on at the end of the pier. You could say we were taking a poll of poles – counting the number of fishing poles dangling their hooks into the water in hopes of getting a bite and a tug on the line. We were counting fisher-people, as well.

We’re getting kind of tired of saying this, but once again it was a beautiful day. The clouds began circling in the late morning. By 3:30 in the afternoon, when we arrived at the wharf,
the clouds had gathered themselves nicely into picture-perfect patterns, a great background for photographs. It was warm, too. We don’t know much about the ideal conditions for catching fish, but these were definitely the ideal conditions for going fishing.

At the end of the wharf we met Frank, the owner of the bait shop. He sells everything one needs to cast a baited hook off the pier and into the ocean. He also rents fishing poles for $5/hr, bait included. It was under serendipitous circumstances that Frank took over the shop three months ago. Reportedly, things have changed for the better since he took over. For one thing, he is quite amenable to people hanging around his shop, telling big fish stories.

There are pictures in the store of some of the biggest fish caught in recent days, sharks and rays mostly.
Frank and Friends
Frank puts those pictures up there for marketing reasons, kind of like the guy at the horse racing place who puts up old tip sheets from good days at the track.

When we arrived, he had five poles set up along the pier with their hooks in the water. Although he was in the shop, he said that he could get there in time to pull up his fish if he got a bite. Shortly after we got there, a group of two girls and a separate group of two guys arrived to put their own poles in the water. The dedicated staff recognized the girls as some of Santa Barbara’s finest water polo players, just back from a triumphant third place finish in the prestigious Speedo Cup tournament in St. Louis, Missouri.

As the dedicated staff headed back toward shore, Frank and the four kids were actively fishing.
We were told they catch fish all the time, but we didn’t see any fish being pulled out of the water when we were there. But then again, it didn’t seem like anyone was very concerned.

In yesterday’s contest, Jolinda, Stacyg1974, Ebisabes, Antdeli, IcyJen, Gooseberry, Jenbabai, and Elkay each guessed 5 for the total number of people fishing. The Edhat dog was once again called upon to break the tie. To simulate a fishing experience, we got eight pieces of yarn and tied doggie treats to one end and sticks to the other. Then with the help of some friends, we dangled the eight, pseudo-fishing rods in front of the Edhat dog. She took the bait (all of it). Ebisabes’ bait was the first to be eaten. Ebisabe wins an Edhat hat or t-shirt, no strings attached.

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