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EDBIT: Play edhat's "Where Is It?" game to win tickets to see David Gray and Amos Lee at the Santa Barbara Bowl on July 8th.
updated 11:15 am
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Breaking News reads comments
The autopsy report has been released for the Cody West, the 22-year-old missing Goleta man found in a drainage ditch off Los Carneros.
updated 12:01 am
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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 03, 2015 reads comments
In May 2015 officers from the Santa Barbara Police Department made 32 arrests for driving under the influence violations. (07/03/15) 372 1
Roger reports a possible structure fire at 317 W. Pedregosa that turned out to be food on the stove. (07/03/15) 389 8
Roger reports there were calls of numerous vehicles parked on the railroad tracks near Garden Street. (07/03/15) 1048 7
The second quarter Sheriff's Roundup includes the One Year Anniversary of the IV Murders and recognizes the first responders who saved lives. [vid] (07/03/15) 331 4
The stage is all set for the Fourth of July fireworks at the Santa Barbara Marina. [pic] (07/03/15) 776 6
A subscriber would like to know when Refugio will be open. They just got a call stating that their reservation for July 10th is being cancelled. (07/03/15) 475 2
Does anyone know if street sweeping was cancelled in Goleta today? (07/03/15) 369 5
A subscriber reports that Panera Bread at 706 State Street has permanently closed. (07/03/15) 1466 15
A subscriber wonders how all this kelp washed ashore in Goleta. [pic] (07/03/15) 968 20
To crack down on drunk driving this Fourth of July, the SBPD will be out in full force targeting those who put lives in danger. (07/03/15) 337 4
SBC Fire wants to remind the public that fireworks including the safe and sane variety are illegal in all areas of the County. (07/03/15) 394 9
UC Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara County have joined forces to digitize and archive 127 years worth of legislative records. (07/03/15) 267 1
The Goleta Traffic Unit is requesting public assistance for a traffic collision that occurred on South Patterson Avenue and Overpass Road. [pic] (07/03/15) 1264 9
What type of soap will not harm plants? (07/03/15) 744 15
UC Santa Barbara has offered admissions to more than 29,000 students for Fall 2015. (07/03/15) 853 23
I inherited reels of 16mm film, is there any place in town I can preview the content? (07/03/15) 674 7
Roger reports a stray Horse running down San Roque from State Street with no saddle and no rider. (07/03/15) 1230 5
Adele A. Bishop (August 15, 1941 - May 7, 2015 ) (07/03/15) 305 add
Are there any restaurants or bars live streaming the Grateful Dead show this weekend? (07/03/15) 841 9
Edhat subscribers share [pics] of Wednesday night's full moon. (07/03/15) 572 5
The Independent: Two local newspapers are resisting the proposed newsstand ordinance in Santa Barbara. (07/03/15) 1220 17
A subscriber would like to thank a good samaritan who helped a friend with Alzheimers. (07/03/15) 862 7
Does anyone on the Mesa also have noisy birds the past few nights that chirp and sing all night long? What kind are they? (07/03/15) 1267 26
TRAVEL: A few more views of John Wiley's coastal cruise: Santa Cruz surfers to Cypress Point links. (07/03/15) 683 7
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/03/15) 209 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 07/02/15 (07/03/15) 222 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 02, 2015 reads comments
A subscriber would like to know what edhatters think about setting tents up on West beach for the fireworks. (07/02/15) 253 2
I walked by the Public Market last night and noticed that the Pasta Shoppe appears to be closing down. (07/02/15) 3139 56
Robert Bernstein reports the new Bike Station near the Transit Center has officially opened on Tuesday to encourage bus/bike commuting. (07/02/15) 969 17
Traffic Alert: On Wednesday evening, several lanes will be shut down on Storke Road between the freeway and Hollister Ave. (07/02/15) 525 1
Roger reports a small brush fire behind 122 S. Patterson, next to the bike path. SBC Fire responded and have since left the scene. [pic] (07/02/15) 1716 30
A subscriber is looking for local eviction services for a tenant who has not paid their rent. (07/02/15) 2031 38
An edhat subscriber stumbled upon a very rare plant sighting, especially in Santa Barbara. [pic] (07/02/15) 2141 28
TRAVEL: From this side of Davenport to Pigeon Point, John Wiley shares spectacular views of the secret coast North of Santa Cruz. [pics] (07/02/15) 919 9
MesaJim got a [pic] of a crowd gathering at Hendry's Beach today. (07/02/15) 2819 19
Marine biologists at UCSB have clarified how specialized cells in squid skin are able to control the animal's coloration. (07/02/15) 447 add
Edhat subscribers share sunset [pics] of the magical sky in Santa Barbara. (07/02/15) 1888 5
Does any bakery in Santa Barbara make an authentic Black Forest cake with lots of sour cherries and kirsch? (07/02/15) 1388 18
TRAVEL: The edhat bag made it to Telluride, Colorado over the weekend! This [pic] was taken at the Telluride Brewing Company. (07/02/15) 566 7
A construction crew showed up at a subscriber's rental house with a dumpster and started doing construction. The subscriber received no notification of planned work. What are their options? (07/02/15) 2363 33
Daniel Joseph O'Connor (1937 - 2015) (07/02/15) 484 1
A subscriber was out last night and saw Venus and Jupiter's closest conjunction of 2015. [pics] (07/02/15) 1134 9
Roger reports an injury traffic accident where a bicyclist is down at the Sea Landing with a possible back injury. Fire and Medics are responding. (07/02/15) 492 add
Roger has the scanner reports. It makes me want to grab my Joey Cannoli and give him a big hug but I don't think he'd go for it. (07/02/15) 1024 17
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/02/15) 229 add
UPDATE: The Mesa Fire in Lompoc has now reached 95% containment and is expected to be fully contained by Wednesday evening. (07/02/15) 12095 138

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 01, 2015 reads comments
Roger reports a vehicle fire on the 101 Southbound, North of Los Carneros. (07/01/15) 703 2
Roger reports a stolen van at 700 West Figueroa. (07/01/15) 695 8
Roger reports a traffic accident in the center divider on the 101 Southbound at Garden they say but sounds closer to Milpas. Two injuries, both C-Spine. (07/01/15) 789 4
Duanying Chen was sentenced to felony probation for a period of five years for animal cruelty and assault. [mug] (07/01/15) 3207 48
Here is an update on the Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge Replacement Project. [pic] (07/01/15) 1189 2
Roger reports a subject is going door to door in the 400 block of Canon Drive. He went in an unknown direction after that block. (07/01/15) 1020 14
KEYT gears up for the Fourth of July All-American Patriotic Celebration at West Beach. [pic] (07/01/15) 1067 8
Roger reports an injury traffic accident on Overpass Rd. at Patterson. Possible red tag per SBSO on scene, Fire and Medics responding. (07/01/15) 1716 4
UCSB physics postdoc Iair Arcavi will use the Harvey L. Karp Discovery Award to learn more about supermassive black holes. (07/01/15) 374 3
The Santa Barbara County Animal Services will be open on Sunday for residents to redeem their pets after the 4th holiday (07/01/15) 942 13
Can anyone suggest a good dog walking area where the other dogs we encounter will be on leash? (07/01/15) 1984 54
Edhat subscribers are reporting power outages in the Santa Barbara foothills. (07/01/15) 931 2
Oil Spill: Plains All American Pipeline provided an update as cleanup operations for the Refugio Oil Spill continue. (07/01/15) 439 2
Santa Barbara local and KEYT anchor, Victoria Sanchez, is moving to Denver to report for KUSA. [pics] (07/01/15) 3380 32
Astronomy: Edhat subscribers share [pics] of Venus and Jupiter in the Santa Barbara sky. (07/01/15) 1073 1
The Santa Barbara Police Department has released recent crime data and response times for the month of May. (07/01/15) 801 3
Robert attended an "Intimate Evening at the Lobero" with Art Garfunkel. (07/01/15) 1103 12
Underwater [vid] footage was taken by the Santa Barbara Channel Keeper after the Refugio Oil Spill. (07/01/15) 1162 15
Will there still be fireworks on sale in Santa Maria after this recent fire in Lompoc? (07/01/15) 987 31
Two bills to improve oil spill clean-up and to prohibit new offshore oil drilling has passed out of the Senate Committee. (07/01/15) 447 1
A subscriber reports plastic flowers were swept out to sea after a wedding near the Bacara at Haskell's Beach. [pic] (07/01/15) 3233 47
Eileen M. Decker was sworn in on Monday in a private ceremony as the United States Attorney for the Central District of California. (07/01/15) 382 add
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/01/15) 203 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 30, 2015 reads comments
HISTORY: It's the 90th anniversary of the 1925 Santa Barbara Earthquake and Neal Graffy shares a 5-part story of what happened on June 29 and afterwards. (06/30/15) 13976 25
Aerial [pics] of the Lompoc fire and the smoky valley from John Wiley. (06/30/15) 1380 5
Edhat subscribers report a possible water outage in Montecito. Does anyone have additional information? (06/30/15) 1349 5
I want to dig a dry well in my backyard to run my downspouts to. Does anyone know how deep the layer of clay is in San Roque? (06/30/15) 1311 15
A bicyclist is injured about 2 miles from Mountain Road on Gibraltar, may have a broken collar bone and head injury. (06/30/15) 1569 16
Bonnie shares her experience at Saturday's Santa Barbara Wine Festival at the Museum of Natural History. [pics] (06/30/15) 1537 7
Roger reports a small brush fire off Highway 101 northbound near the Garden St offramp. (06/30/15) 819 2
A subscriber is curious why Goleta is called Goleta Valley when there are only mountains on one side. (06/30/15) 1901 45
Barbara L. (Hall) Davis (April 4, 1940 - June 1, 2015) (06/30/15) 647 1
The 2014-2015 Santa Barbara County Grand Jury is just completing its year of service to the citizens of Santa Barbara County and has released a consolidated Final Report on its investigations. (06/30/15) 576 2
UCSB geologist Jim Boles makes new discoveries about the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone in the Los Angeles Basin. (06/30/15) 755 3
Mark shares [pics] of last night's blue skies. (06/30/15) 792 4
Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds the public that all fireworks, including the so-called safe and sane variety, are illegal. (06/30/15) 708 22
Edhat subscriber Michel shares some fun [pics] from the wharf. (06/30/15) 987 7
Paul Fenske (October 16, 1939 - June 16, 2015) (06/30/15) 579 2
Updated: Edhat subscribers send in beautiful [pics] of Saturday's vibrant rainbow. (06/30/15) 2460 8
Goleta Valley Beautiful announces that the June 2015 Residential Award goes to Norma Shinoda at 6291 Stow Canyon Road. [pic] (06/30/15) 1539 5
An edhat subscriber shares a [pic] she took yesterday of the breakwater. (06/30/15) 1209 2
Roger has the scanner reports. Suspicious subject, prowler and burglary suspect went into someone’s house in the 100 Block of Oceano. (06/30/15) 1276 13
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (06/30/15) 250 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 29, 2015 reads comments
Does anyone know where those gun shot/fireworks sounds are coming from on the west side of Santa Barbara? (06/29/15) 2071 20
Does anyone have information about the Robotics Team at DP being cancelled? (06/29/15) 3058 37
Are edhatters hearing the extremely loud PA system that seems to be coming from Earl Warren Showgrounds? (06/29/15) 1993 44
Roger heard a call of man with a gun. SBSO and CHP searching the area of San Marcos at Cathedral Oaks Roads for a possible man with a AK-47. (06/29/15) 2847 29
Roger reports that SBPD are in pursuit of a subject involving narcotics and 148pc obstruction of justice. (06/29/15) 1133 11
Roger reports a water rescue at Lake Cachuma involving an overturned kayak. Occupants are in the water and one subject is in poor health.. (06/29/15) 1595 23
Multiple activist groups and religious communities will gather in Isla Vista to participate in a National Gun Violence Prevention Sabbath to honor the victims of the Charleston shooting. (06/29/15) 625 11
How clean do the jars, cans, and other items need to be in order for them to be in the blue recycling containers? (06/29/15) 2505 38
Stephen shares a lovely [pic] of cactus and chamomile plants. (06/29/15) 1099 9
Mary Alice Cooper (May 23, 1926 - June 18, 2015) (06/29/15) 552 1
Gretchen and Fritz Olenberger share wondrous [pics] from the Polo and Balloons event held yesterday evening in Santa Barbara. (06/29/15) 1341 4
Malala Yousafzai not only sold out the Arlington Theater on Saturday afternoon. She also overflowed the overflow remote venues at the New Victoria Theater and UCSB Campbell Hall. (06/29/15) 1788 15

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 28, 2015 reads comments
A subscriber reports three recent bobcat sightings in the Hope Ranch Annex. (06/28/15) 1523 26
I'm looking for recommendations of companies that write home owners insurance, for our primary residence and also a rental home we own. (06/28/15) 1169 36
Sheriff's are pursuing a vehicle who failed to yield on Highway 101 southbound at Sea Cliff. (06/28/15) 1339 9
Mike shares [pics] from the Rods and Roses car show on Saturday. (06/28/15) 1480 5
Jesse captured amazing photos and [vid] of the lights reflecting off the ocean from Stearns Wharf. (06/28/15) 1243 8
Benjamin Michael Aguirre (May 30, 1984 - June 27, 2015) (06/28/15) 5192 8
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about the fear of spiders. (06/28/15) 1225 10

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