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BvB Flag Football Fundraiser 7/23
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Welch Ryce Haider Funeral Chapels
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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 23, 2016 reads comments
What high temperatures did people see around town today? (07/23/16) 348 6
Roger reports a fight near Smart and Final at the Five Points Shopping Center. (07/23/16) 1092 16
An edhat subscriber received a scam-like email concerning something called the "campus dismissal act." (07/23/16) 554 6
There is an injury traffic accident in the 1100 block of Coast Village Road. (07/23/16) 398 1
Jean-Michel Cousteau was the prime speaker promoting the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. (07/23/16) 422 8
Is anyone else in the San Roque area experiencing plumbing issues? (07/23/16) 719 6
The Scaly-breasted munias are back! Check your feeders and happy birding. [pic] (07/23/16) 879 5
Roger reports a non-injury accident at the Highway 101 Southbound on-ramp at Indio Muerto and Milpas. (07/23/16) 343 3
[Update]: Judging by these [pics], Vons on the Mesa might be opening soon. (07/23/16) 3107 20
An edhat subscriber snapped [pics] of the large construction project on Hollister that will be home to Goleta's latest big hotel. (07/23/16) 1342 28
In honor of the charity flag football game on Saturday, send edhat your "F" themed photos. (07/23/16) 474 5
A subscriber noticed an interesting sign that prevents reality TV stars from parking. [pic] (07/23/16) 2195 25
The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning and Wind Advisory from Friday through Saturday. [pic] (07/23/16) 494 2
The Fuel Depot on Fairview Ave. is seeking approval for the demolition and new construction of their convenience store and gas station. (07/23/16) 651 6
The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden has closed temporarily due to the Red Flag Warning. (07/23/16) 755 8
Charles shares photos of a colorful Santa Barbara sunrise. (07/23/16) 598 3
Does anyone have tips or referrals on how to make a table from salvaged wood? (07/23/16) 985 9
Santa Barbara Police will be conducting a Driver's License and DUI Checkpoint within city limits on Friday evening. (07/23/16) 656 4
[Update] Santa Maria Police are investigating an attempted murder shooting that took place on Betteravia Road Thursday afternoon. (07/23/16) 1405 15
Roger has the scanner reports.   I doubt I will ever figure out the name of every street, Road, Drive, or Way in Santa Barbara. About the time I do, they will build 10 more. (07/23/16) 774 14
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/23/16) 183 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 07/22/16 (07/23/16) 221 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 22, 2016 reads comments
A subscriber reports police activity on San Remo Dr. and Grove Ln., does anyone know what's up? (07/22/16) 1544 21
Roger reports a semi-truck caught fire on Highway 101 northbound at Highway 1 near Buellton. (07/22/16) 795 3
[Update]: A suicidal female set fire to a motorhome and attempted to barricade inside in the 6600 block of Stagecoach Road on Wednesday afternoon. [pic] (07/22/16) 4175 46
[Update]: Identity Released of Suspect Fatally Injured in Officer Involved Shooting with Santa Maria Police Officers (07/22/16) 2657 47
[Update]: The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for Santa Barbara County from 3 pm Friday July 22 to midnight Saturday July 23, 2016. (07/22/16) 781 add
Can anyone recommend a good podiatrist in Santa Barbara? (07/22/16) 1257 14
NWS High Wind Advisory has been extended through Saturday am for Santa Barbara County Mountains and South Coast. (07/22/16) 334 1
Roger reports an injury traffic accident involving a motorcyclist down in the 800 block of North Milpas. (07/22/16) 635 2
A power outage around Old Town Goleta affected approximately 470 customers Thursday afternoon. (07/22/16) 972 4
A subscriber shares an update on the construction at the Goleta Beach bridge. [pics] (07/22/16) 1418 10
What could this plant be? These fascinating flowers are blooming right now in total sand with no water on a ranch. (07/22/16) 2103 29
Is anyone else experiencing dirty tap water in the downtown area? (07/22/16) 1107 16
The French Festival was back in a big way for 2016! Steve Hoegerman, who created the Festival in 1988, was still running the show. (07/22/16) 860 2
Where is a good place in the Santa Barbara area to get a watch strap replaced? (07/22/16) 1011 21
Did anyone heard about the brief closure on Highway 101 north at 8:30pm Wednesday? (07/22/16) 1204 5
[Update]:The Santa Barbara Police Department has found the missing elderly woman. [pic] (07/22/16) 4422 23
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/22/16) 359 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 21, 2016 reads comments
Lauren: An edhat staffer suits up for the Alzheimer's Association Blondes vs. Brunettes flag football game on Saturday. Cheer her on! (07/21/16) 1928 15
Eight people and one dog are displaced after their home caught fire in Old Town Goleta Wednesday evening. (07/21/16) 1905 22
Many California recycling centers say while they continue to pay the CRV to customers, the amount they get for is not always enough, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (07/21/16) 1271 28
The Santa Barbara Police Department is introducing a new drug disposal box located in the Police Department lobby at 215 E. Figueroa Street.   (07/21/16) 532 1
Roger reports an assault involving a group of teenage girls fighting another group of girls at Ortega and Chapala. (07/21/16) 1527 11
Alberto Rodriguez, the owner of United Seal Coating and Slurry Seal, Inc., pled guilty to four counts of fraud. [pic] (07/21/16) 2717 13
The National Weather Service has issued a heat and wind advisory through the rest of the week. [pic] (07/21/16) 1224 6
Roger reports a small brush fire on Highway 101 northbound, just north of Highway 246 near Buellton. (07/21/16) 654 3
The Coast Guard rescued 2 adults and 8 Sea Scouts near Santa Rosa Island Tuesday evening. (07/21/16) 1231 6
A subscriber reports the Santa Barbara Airport was blacked out Tuesday night. Does anyone know why? (07/21/16) 1586 20
Where can I certify and register an Emotional Support Animal? (07/21/16) 1519 38
William Cress Alexander (October 20, 1920 - June 30, 2016) (07/21/16) 356 add
An injury hit and run occurred at the Trader Joe's parking lot at 29 South Milpas Street. (07/21/16) 3288 12
Suzanne Foley, Principal of Foley Environmental of Santa Barbara, has joined the Board of Directors of the SB Wildlife Care Network. [pic] (07/21/16) 2009 10
[Update]: The missing Santa Barbara woman, first reported by an edhat subscriber, has been safely located. (07/21/16) 9601 31
HISTORY: A subscriber is wondering if any Edhatters know any of the history behind the peculiar north and western boundaries of the City of SB. [pic] (07/21/16) 5049 8
Hope Ranch Beach was closed yesterday and there was a great white shark sighting at Hendrys Beach. Does anyone have details? (07/21/16) 7801 33
Does anyone have a clue what this plant is? The fruit are small and have a mango shaped seed inside. [pics] (07/21/16) 3423 20
Roger has the scanner reports.  What kind of drugs do you all have up there in Mission Canyon? (07/21/16) 17534 6
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/21/16) 3614 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 20, 2016 reads comments
A man was air lifted from the hillside near Highway 1 and Highway 246 around 5:30pm Tuesday evening, suffering from severe dehydration. (07/20/16) 1002 4
Did anyone else signed up with the law enforcement alerts not receive a notice about the possible shooting Tuesday afternoon? (07/20/16) 1268 11
Roger reports an Ocean Rescue near the 6600 Block of Del Playa in Goleta during the evening of July 19th. (07/20/16) 843 1
Gulliver, an elderly white-handed gibbon who lived his entire life at the Santa Barbara Zoo, passed away today. [pics] (07/20/16) 2403 15
Curious how California condor chicks like to relax? Check out the live cam. [pics] (07/20/16) 1428 6
The Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management has partnered with fire officials to create a text messaging system for local residents when a Red Flag Warning is issued. (07/20/16) 642 1
[Update]: The call reporting a man with a gun in the 1100 block of Edgemound Drive has been resolved. (07/20/16) 13959 86
Someone with a steady hand and some obvious engineering skills was busy at Campus Point building a cairn. [pics] (07/20/16) 2341 11
Does anyone know what this fast-growing plant is? Could it be from one of Jack's magic beans? (07/20/16) 1985 15
The Santa Barbara Humane Society shares disaster preparedness tips for our community as wildfire season continues. (07/20/16) 473 add
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office welcomed 13 new custody deputies and four civilian employees on Monday. [pics] (07/20/16) 1460 7
Does anyone know why there is a full Forensic team working at a building on Oceano and Cliff? (07/20/16) 3607 19
Roger reports a 2007 white Volvo was stolen in the 200 Block of West Alamar. (07/20/16) 923 13
A subscriber reports a dead thresher shark on the beach, what's the best organization to call? (07/20/16) 1935 20
Can someone recommend a person who can make and reupholster a mini bike seat? (07/20/16) 699 9
The Santa Barbara Police Department has sworn in Lori Luhnow as their new Chief of Police. (07/20/16) 1206 10
Santa Barbara Police Officers' Association released a statement regarding the recent police officer shootings. (07/20/16) 1467 37
Can someone identify this fancy moth? (07/20/16) 1207 6
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/20/16) 229 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 19, 2016 reads comments
Highway 101 southbound was completely stopped part of Monday evening, does anyone know why? (07/19/16) 3055 25
A subscriber shares [pics] of the GV Medical Building, or what's left of it. (07/19/16) 1633 5
Roger reports an agitated motorcyclist telling police to "just shoot him" while they attempt to talk him down, in Santa Maria at Rice Ranch Road and Highway 101. (07/19/16) 1259 3
A subscriber wonders, what's the best place in town to buy French Country Pate (aka Pate de Campagne)? (07/19/16) 1079 16
A subscriber shares a warning about parking temporarily in the white loading zone. Not many surprises on cars are fun (except a gift bow on a new car), especially not tickets. [pics] (07/19/16) 2794 71
[Update]: The Santa Barbara Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team assisted with the rescue of two stranded hikers at Cathedral Peak. (07/19/16) 1836 9
Betty L. Richardson (1927 - July 8, 2016) (07/19/16) 693 add
A subscriber reports a paraglider crashed into a hill below the Douglas Preserve. Pilot appears to be ok, except perhaps their ego. [pic] (07/19/16) 1616 8
UCSB physicist Andrea Young almost gave up on the research for which he has now received the 2016 McMillan Award. (07/19/16) 613 2
Patti rocked out at the Goo Goo Dolls concert this weekend and shares her [pics]. (07/19/16) 1205 3
Are other edhatters seeing more black widow spiders outside their houses than usual? (07/19/16) 1983 40
An adult and two immature egrets posed nicely at the Goleta Slough for an edhat subscriber. [pic] (07/19/16) 1385 15
Beach and water recreation from the Miramar to Shoreline Park this weekend in [pics] from John Wiley. (07/19/16) 1149 11
Doctor Gregory Dahlen Jr. (July 23, 1919 - January 14, 2016) (07/19/16) 553 add
Can anyone identify this strange looking bird? (07/19/16) 2374 14
[Update]: There was a fatal motorcyclist accident in Orcutt Sunday night. (07/19/16) 1399 3
Roger reports a possible assault with neck injury on the Eastside in the first block of La Cadena. (07/19/16) 1041 11
The U.S. Postal Service is considering a sale of downtown Santa Barbara's most iconic building. (07/19/16) 2125 38
The Santa Barbara Unified School District has updated their logo, but not everyone is happy with it. (07/19/16) 3137 52
Roger has the scanner reports.  Reckless 4-Runner driving on the sidewalk on Coast Village Road, going to Starbucks.
1384 4
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/19/16) 252 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 18, 2016 reads comments
Roger reports an injured hiker near the fire access road below the Gibraltar reservoir. (07/18/16) 1053 10
An edhat subscriber needs to have a seismic shutoff valve installed. Can anyone recommend someone who can do this? (07/18/16) 901 6
I have this bug hanging above my garage door. Any ideas what it is? (07/18/16) 2764 8
UC Santa Barbara researchers open The Center for Mindfulness and Human Potential. (07/18/16) 1288 10
Can Edhatters recommend fun things to do in Santa Barbara with a 5 year old? (07/18/16) 1603 25
A subscriber discusses a run-in with Sprouts representatives trying to poach current grocery employees. (07/18/16) 3430 46
KEYT: A controversial bill that would allow the Chumash Indian Tribe to transfer hundreds of acres of land in the Santa Ynez Valley into tribal sovereignty has cleared a major hurdle in Congress. (07/18/16) 1100 53
An appeals court reinstated a lawsuit to protect abalone and other shellfish resources from being ravaged by sea otters in the waters off the Southern California coast. (07/18/16) 1441 21
A subscriber points out issues for pedestrians when trying to cross Coast Village Road to get to the MTD Bus Stop in Montecito. [pics] (07/18/16) 1419 18
Local track athlete Barbara Nwaba is headed to Rio de Janeiro to compete in the Heptathlon during the Summer Olympics. (07/18/16) 1076 5
The Sea Center implements funding from the Santa Barbara County’s Coastal Resource Enhancement Fund to upgrade their Shark Cove. [pics] (07/18/16) 680 6

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