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Breaking News reads comments
Subscriber Mike attended the Wings of Freedom show at the airport and took lots of [pics] to share.
updated 7:00 pm
482 6
Max snapped [pics] of whales and people off the Mesa today.
updated 6:30 pm
900 12
Pattie shares a few [pics] from the opening day of Return to Freedom, where horses are released back into pasture.
updated 6:00 pm
380 4
Roger reports a vehicle rollover in the 7300 block of Hollister Ave.
updated 4:55 pm
695 3
Roger reports a minor injury traffic accident in the 200 block of South Milpas.
updated 4:05 pm
275 1
Roger reports a code 245, assault with a weapon. A stabbing occurred in the 5700 block of Gato Ave. in Goleta. The weapon used is possibly a pitch fork.
updated 2:38 pm
1077 7
A group of friends and I are arguing over which place serves the best burrito in town. What do edhatters think?
updated 1:15 pm
1930 31
The Independent: Cruzito Cruz had his district election settlement motion dismissed by Judge Donna Geck on Friday.
updated 1:00 pm
570 7
A subscriber shares a [vid] of the Cabrillo Blvd. Bridge foundation construction.
updated 12:04 pm
503 3
The Daily Nexus interviewed the recent Nobel Prize winner, UCSB Professor Shuji Nakamura. [vid]
updated 11:38 am
306 add
A subscriber attended the Harbor Cleanup on Saturday and shares a few stories. [pic]
updated 9:51 am
731 4
I need a flourless chocolate torte for an event dessert. Anyone know where I can get a great tasting one?
updated 9:50 am
777 13
Do you prefer this uncommon IV side or standard UC side of the view across campus, John Wiley asks? [pics]
updated 9:48 am
912 16
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 05/03/15
updated 6:00 am
277 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 03, 2015 reads comments
There were a lot of police cars on Baillard, it looks like they were following a car on Carpinteria Ave. Does anyone else know what happened? (05/03/15) 908 2
A subscriber is wondering where they can purchase old magazines. (05/03/15) 762 14
A subscriber would like to hear advice from readers regarding renewing an Annual National Forest Adventure Pass. [pics] (05/03/15) 824 17
Roger reports several fights breaking out in the 6600 block of Del Playa in Isla Vista. (05/03/15) 1459 4
Roger reports a possible injury accident on Milpas at Yanonali involving a motorcycle. (05/03/15) 419 1
A pair of mourning doves have been quite busy outside a subscriber's window in the last few days. [pics] (05/03/15) 819 15
Update: A troublesome neighbor is causing havoc in a quiet and friendly neighborhood and a subscriber shares her thoughts. (05/03/15) 5992 88
Four Spanish speaking parents notified Santa Barbara Unified School District of a door to door scam. (05/03/15) 787 1
A subscriber saw a small rock slide and a water laden spider web during a walk on More Mesa. [pics] (05/03/15) 722 9
The Phainopepla is one cool bird, with an equally cool song and call, reports Aquaholic. [pics]  (05/03/15) 900 10
Roger reports a brush fire at 1980 Highway 101 in Buellton. (05/03/15) 409 add
BOOK CLUB: A local young author has published a novel entitled "The Scorch of a Skilten," a tale of an orphaned girl who uncovers a sinister secret. (05/03/15) 369 add
EDBIT: Rubbish, a sea lion pup originally rescued in Santa Barbara, wandered the streets of San Francisco last week before being caught. (05/03/15) 1090 4
What do edhatters think about the cost to renovate Santa Barbara High School's stadium? (05/03/15) 961 17
Lauren: In restaurant news, a new eatery named Nuance takes over in Hotel Indigo, Lucky's closes for remodeling, and Lauren dishes on it all. (05/03/15) 1587 6
GARDEN OF ED: Billy created a new class for all gardening edhatters called Edhat 121: SB Bowl. (05/03/15) 790 4
Way Back When: There was plenty of drama in Santa Barbara both onscreen and behind the scenes, as well as a shipwreck, a snowstorm, and an evil omen, maybe. Other than that, it was a perfectly normal month in our fair city. (05/03/15) 1035 5
The defamation lawsuit filed by Chris Mitchum against Lois Capps earlier this year has been thrown out by a local judge. (05/03/15) 1063 43
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Vitamin Angels helps at-risk populations in need gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals. (05/03/15) 411 1
The LA Times reports that almost 40% of California hospitals were graded C or lower on patient safety, including our local hospitals. (05/03/15) 1571 33
Roger reports a distressed infant locked in a vehicle. A SBPD officer on scene requests a Code 3 for the Fire Dept and Medics then states she is going to break window. (05/03/15) 2187 25
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Biggie Bear, charming super-sized sweetheart who would make the purr-fect addition to any home. (05/03/15) 720 3
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Gordo, a dog who is just hoping for a little rain. (05/03/15) 594 3
A subscriber shares an epic drone [vid] from Lizards Mouth in the perfect light. (05/03/15) 1102 17
Law enforcement warns the community of a nationwide telephone scam using the identity of the United States Treasury Department. (05/03/15) 449 2
A subscriber is looking for advice on how to deal with a car parked in the red zone blocking their home. (05/03/15) 1213 24
Roger reports a brush fire off Highway 135 at Clark Ave in Santa Maria. (05/03/15) 335 1
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 05/02/15 (05/03/15) 283 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 02, 2015 reads comments
Roger reports some type of march or protest on Milpas Street, just south from Cota. [pic] (05/02/15) 2007 11
Roger reports a two vehicle traffic accident on the Milpas overpass. (05/02/15) 530 1
UPDATE: Sheriff's have confirmed the car and body found off Los Carneros belong to the missing Goleta man, Cody West. (05/02/15) 18791 47
Election Day is approaching for the Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Protection District Election. (05/02/15) 319 add
A subscriber reports a small brush fire on Upper State that was quickly put out by firefighters. [pics] (05/02/15) 976 3
A subscriber reports that a car went over the side of the 154 at Windy Gap. (05/02/15) 1622 5
Over the next month, pile installation will continue for the mountain side of the new Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge and the temporary pedestrian bridge. [pics] (05/02/15) 624 add
A project to resurface Highway 166 East from the Alisos Creek Bridge to the Cuyama River Bridge will begin on Tuesday, May 5. (05/02/15) 255 1
Check out flash photographers' May Day themed pics and send in yours to flash@edhat.com (05/02/15) 549 2
Updated with pics: Does anyone know what happened around 4:30-5:00 p.m. on Thursday at the Kinkos/Trader Joes area on Calle Real? (05/02/15) 2375 38
UPDATED: Roger reports a vehicle into a building on Chapala at Mission. Unknown if injury and Fire on scene. (05/02/15) 1730 9
Caltrans highlights the problem of statewide litter and the $63 million annual cost required to keep California’s roadways clean. (05/02/15) 300 6
Roger reports a possible escaped prisoner from a SBSO vehicle near 400 East Canon Perdido or on De La Guerra. (05/02/15) 1231 13
Update: Dos Pueblos High School Principal discusses plans to demolish and rebuild the entire school campus. (05/02/15) 5631 51
Korean War Veteran, Sgt. Wallace Dawson, was laid to rest Friday at Goleta Cemetery with hundreds of locals honoring him. (05/02/15) 1330 7
UC Santa Barbara wins three Best Practice Awards in the California higher education sustainability and energy efficiency competition. (05/02/15) 336 1
The SEC has charged a Santa Barbara-based hedge fund firm, executives, and auditor for improper expense allocations. (05/02/15) 1855 9
Lynn R. Matteson (Sept. 7, 1939 - April 21, 2015) (05/02/15) 628 add
A new traffic signal has been installed at the corner of De La Vina and Arrellaga Streets. (05/02/15) 926 15
Roger has the scanner reports.  They tell Mommy! (05/02/15) 957 11
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (05/02/15) 268 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on May 01, 2015 reads comments
The family of Cody West, a local man that has gone missing, updates the community on the search and possible whereabouts. [pic] (05/01/15) 28397 168
Santa Barbara City Fire Department Fire Chief Pat McElroy is proud to announce the appointment of Lee Waldron as Fire Operations Division Chief. [pics] (05/01/15) 1093 1
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a delicate water lily, originally thought to be a lotus flower. (05/01/15) 968 15
In March 2015 officers from the Santa Barbara Police Department made 49 arrests for driving under the influence violations. (05/01/15) 1173 5
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office is assisting a Goleta family in the search of Cody West. [pic] (05/01/15) 3576 11
SoCal Edison will be making some emergency repairs on Hollister Thursday evening. (05/01/15) 515 add
The Independent: Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez is exploring the possibility of equipping his officers with body cameras. (05/01/15) 598 19
Roger reports a vehicle struck an 8-year-old child on Alphonse at N. Alisos Street. (05/01/15) 1175 6
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a pool at the top of 7 falls. (05/01/15) 2271 20
Roger reports a traffic accident at McCaw and Las Positas with vehicles blocking the roadway. (05/01/15) 857 4
Attached is a summary of response times and recent crime data for the City of Santa Barbara collected by the Police Department. (05/01/15) 808 9
I'm removing lawn and installing a patio and would love suggestions for types of stone and places to purchase it. (05/01/15) 1046 24
Roger reports that two dogs, reported as strays, were picked up by Animal Control. (05/01/15) 1109 17
Animal rescue team felt compelled to share a happy story due to all the negative press law enforcement receives. [pics] (05/01/15) 1693 10
Roger reports a vehicle crashed into the back of the OSH building on Fairview. (05/01/15) 1217 5
An international collaboration involving UCSB scientists has developed a technique that for the first time measures the frequency of radiation emitted by a single electron. (05/01/15) 370 add
SBPD provides road closure information for the City of Santa Barbara during the Amgen Tour of California. [pic] (05/01/15) 1527 13
An edhat subscriber shares a [vid] of hummingbirds feeding at sunset. (05/01/15) 698 8
Public Works will replace the water main in the 100 block of E. Yanonali Street, between Anacapa and Santa Barbara, beginning May 4 through May 18. (05/01/15) 328 add
Santa Ynez High School hosted a community forum on pedestrian safety after a student died while crossing the street. (05/01/15) 419 2
There is a proposal for a CHP facility next to Ellwood School on Hollister Ave and some neighbors are not happy about it. (05/01/15) 1241 8
Cindy Stevens shares more beautiful country sunset [pics]. (05/01/15) 572 1
An earthquake drill at Santa Barbara High involves a scenario with a death, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (05/01/15) 782 5
Public safety responders to the Isla Vista mass murders were recognized at an awards ceremony on Wednesday. [pics] (05/01/15) 1020 15
Is there any info on the Fire engine and Police car on APS at Arguello on Wednesday evening? (05/01/15) 690 3
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (05/01/15) 269 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 30, 2015 reads comments
The University of California, SBPD and the SB County Sheriff's Office hosted an awards ceremony. [pics] (04/30/15) 821 4
A subscriber took photos of the beauty in the hills of Santa Barbara. [pics] (04/30/15) 1232 add
Roger reports a helicopter flying around Goleta looking for wanted subjects in case anyone is wondering.. (04/30/15) 1946 14
The public is invited to honor and welcome home fallen soldier Sgt. Wallace Dawson, who died as a prisoner of war in Korea in 1951. [pic] (04/30/15) 1813 19
On Wednesday, the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission voted 3-2 recommending Supervisors deny the Las Varas Ranch Project. (04/30/15) 1282 14
A subscriber wonders if marijuana dispensaries would ever re-open in Santa Barbara again? (04/30/15) 2342 67
A local autism expert will participate in the Autism Round Table sponsored by the Department of Defense. (04/30/15) 971 21
A subscriber reports a crosswalk sting on Hollister Ave. across from Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital. (04/30/15) 1353 38
A subscriber spoke with Safeway Stores Headquarters and expresses his thoughts on big government. (04/30/15) 1478 36
Roger reports a fall victim from a building at the Chumash Casino, the construction worker was pronounced dead at the scene. (04/30/15) 3014 21
A ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at noon on Friday to commemorate the re-opening of the 1,480 foot Goleta Beach Pier. [pics] (04/30/15) 1052 4
Why are the stop lights on Milpas not synchronized? Is there a reason for this or is it just poor planning? (04/30/15) 1871 21
Roger reports an attempted robbery near Montecito and Helena Streets. The suspect is on a bicycle wearing a green hat. (04/30/15) 721 6
On May 13th the California Coastal Commission will consider the County of Santa Barbara's permit application to keep the rock revetment at Goleta Beach County Park in place. (04/30/15) 294 2
Does anyone know what all the sirens were about around 10am in the Santa Ynez Valley? (04/30/15) 1010 6
The Santa Barbara Police Department will be conducting DUI Checkpoints in the City of Santa Barbara on April 30, 2015. (04/30/15) 885 17
The human body is a cross between a factory and a construction zone at least on the cellular level. (04/30/15) 408 1
Roger reports a traffic accident with a possible injury near Sansum Clinic at 215 Pesetas Lane. The subject passed out then hit a fire hydrant. (04/30/15) 1065 5
Stephen Rehage (Oct. 17, 1955 - April 17, 2015) (04/30/15) 2306 9
One of the young herons was away when a subscriber got to the slough on Tuesday and the other looked a little lonely after all this time. [pics] (04/30/15) 717 5
Like the 1966 film Blowup, John Wiley found a surprise when reviewing [pics]. (04/30/15) 1787 22

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