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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 20, 2017 reads comments
An edhat subscriber reports a fire ball seen overhead in Solvang. (01/20/17) 482 4
Dave shares a [pic]-worthy rainbow arching across the Santa Ynez River. (01/20/17) 282 2
What defines "clean air" parking and is it enforceable? (01/20/17) 292 4
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department arrested an armed felon who threatened tenants with a rifle in an early morning dispute. [mug] (01/20/17) 585 2
[UPDATE]: A female driver sustained minor injuries after her vehicle went over the side of Highway 101 and onto the railroad tracks near Gaviota. (01/20/17) 2822 49
[UPDATED]: Santa Barbara County Fire responded to a structure fire Thursday at Deer Run Lane in Orcutt. (01/20/17) 484 3
Roger reports an out of control subject who is causing a disturbance was placed in an involuntary psychiatric hold at the Cottage emergency room. (01/20/17) 901 3
Roger reports a case of assault and battery at the 100 block of East Sola in which a subject has been knocked unconscious with a head injury. (01/20/17) 640 1
The Housing Authority of the City of Satna Barbara launched the Health Access and Care Coordination Project to improve access to primary care and behavioral health services. (01/20/17) 300 add
An edhat subscriber found these super mushrooms in their backyard. [pic] (01/20/17) 1111 13
The owner of a sailboat whose vessel lost engine power by Goleta Pier was rescued with no injuries. (01/20/17) 738 11
ATandT is weighing in on the DIRECTV dispute by urging the owners of KEYT/KKFX to allow local fans to see Sunday's NFC Championship football game. (01/20/17) 1015 11
Costco Wholesale will pay $11.75 million to settle allegations of lax pharmacy controls for filled prescriptions that were improper or incomplete. (01/20/17) 1209 9
Astronomy: The moon had a date with Jupiter early Thursday morning. (01/20/17) 567 10
KEYT: Santa Barbara Volkswagen is leaving its longtime downtown site on Chapala and Ortega. (01/20/17) 1497 26
There's a lot of traffic backed up on Highway 101 coming into Santa Barbara. Does anyone know why? (01/20/17) 1478 17
Is anyone else getting KCET through Cox Cable? I'm not getting reception. (01/20/17) 909 10
The District Attorney's Office releases a PSA regarding workman's compensation fraud. (01/20/17) 1005 6
Robert shares [pics] of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day events and recounts the day's events. (01/20/17) 703 6
HISTORY: An edhat subscriber reminisces on Roosevelt Elementary School's comforting sloppy joes. (01/20/17) 933 19
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 01/19/17 (01/20/17) 238 add
COUNT: Guess how many grapes are used to make one bottle of Windrun Wine and you could win tickets to the Winter Wine Festival on Jan 21. (01/20/17) 736 NA

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 19, 2017 reads comments
Roger reports a motorhome on fire in the east parking lot of the Cabrillo Bath House (01/19/17) 1172 14
In anticipation of the approaching inclement weather, the SBC Fire Department offers tips to help keep you and your passengers safe while driving on wet roads. (01/19/17) 949 7
An edhat subscriber points out a potential error on a local freeway sign. [pics] (01/19/17) 4346 40
Local downtown toy shop, Kernohan's Toys, is closing after 62 years in business. (01/19/17) 2957 36
LV Canley (December 19, 1916 - January 11, 2017) (01/19/17) 495 add
A public workshop will take place to initiate a wildfire protection plan for the San Marcos Pass and Eastern Goleta Valley mountainous areas. [pic] (01/19/17) 782 2
The clouds are rolling in and the rain is about to fall... edhatters share their stormy sky [pics]. (01/19/17) 1575 2
The City of Santa Barbara has completed the upper Arroyo Burro Restoration Project at Barger Canyon. (01/19/17) 1096 7
The Coast Guard warns beachgoers and boaters of a heavy coastal hazard warning issued by the National Weather Service for Southern California beaches. (01/19/17) 922 3
A subscriber is asking for a referral for a personal injury attorney in Santa Barbara. (01/19/17) 1400 27
The first cruise ship of the new year has arrived to Santa Barbara's waters, and Charles has the [pics]. (01/19/17) 2244 29
Nancy Wolf (May 5, 1930 - January 11, 2017) (01/19/17) 678 add
Roger reports police officers have detained seven people after clearing a residence in the 1200 Block of Punta Gorda. (01/19/17) 1968 11
Roger has the scanner reports. I think we ought to take up a collection for the police to have new holsters with scissors to cut those man buns off, when those who have them act up. (01/19/17) 1431 13
Roger reports a traffic accident on Highway 1 at Hancock with one person with major injuries and two people with moderate injuries possibly. (01/19/17) 703 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 18, 2017 reads comments
Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office is requesting for public assistance to locate a suspect responsible for a violent attack on a Goleta man. (01/18/17) 3122 8
[UPDATED:] Roger reports a subject was safely detained by Santa Barbara Police after attempting to jump off a roof on Anacapa. [pics] (01/18/17) 3088 10
Edhatters share [pics] of hidden beauty (01/18/17) 1726 11
What's going on in Goleta on Tuolumne Drive? There's a lot of police activity. (01/18/17) 2463 14
The Santa Barbara south coast is still in an "exceptional drought," with fifty more inches of rain needed to fill and spill Cachuma Lake. (01/18/17) 4837 34
County launches emPower Central Coast program "Homeowner Portal" to track home energy improvement and give access to financing resources. (01/18/17) 686 add
Los Padres National Forest's fire restriction has now been reduced. (01/18/17) 487 1
Gas leak near Oak Park at Alamar and Quinto, requesting SBPD to stop traffic. (01/18/17) 752 5
The Parks and Recreation Department published maps, podcasts and videos to encourage education and exploration of Santa Barbara scenic coastline. (01/18/17) 884 4
Two people were injured in a single vehicle rollover accident on SR-246 early Tuesday morning. (01/18/17) 1450 4
Five Goleta residents are displaced after a fire destroyed their garage early Tuesday morning. (01/18/17) 2087 24
Does anyone know how to get DISH TV to remove their disc from our roof? (01/18/17) 1776 23
A new website is calling for long-time UCSB men's basketball coach Bob Williams to be fired after a struggling season. (01/18/17) 1523 17
Roger reports a traffic accident blocking the lanes of Highway 101 southbound at the Carrillo Bridge. (01/18/17) 2182 15

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 17, 2017 reads comments
Roger reports a hit and run by an RV in the 1000 Block of Coast Village Road. (01/17/17) 2026 7
A zebra was found dead on the beach near San Simeon this week. (01/17/17) 4170 37
Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue helped to find some lost hikers at Grass Mountain in Los Olivos. [pics] (01/17/17) 2090 5
The Lompoc Police Department is asking for the public's help in keeping an eye out for a stolen vehicle. [pic] (01/17/17) 1976 14
EDBIT: To commemorate the work of Martin Luther King Jr., here are events happeningĀ to fulfill his dream. (01/17/17) 874 6
Roger reports a traffic accident involving an SUV and a motorcycle on Anacapa at Arlington (01/17/17) 827 1
Roger reports a pedestrian has been injured in a traffic accident off Loma Alta and Shoreline. (01/17/17) 1072 3
Can edhatters identify this plant? (01/17/17) 1682 9
Castillo underpass has begun to show signs of failure, does anyone know if they are planning to revisit the project? (01/17/17) 2519 46
An edhat subscriber reports their car was broken in around the Hidden Valley area. (01/17/17) 1237 7
Edhat subscribers share terrific nature [pics] from their outdoor adventures (01/17/17) 1174 6
Alan P. Fryer Jr. (December 7, 1926-January 10, 2017) (01/17/17) 343 add
Does anyone know what these new-looking, low flying, quiet planes are? (01/17/17) 3047 10
Roger has the scanner reports.  Medical call at the County Jail again, so whoever said they don't call 911 when someone is ill or hurt, they are now. (01/17/17) 1124 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 16, 2017 reads comments
Did anyone hear gunshots on the Westside a little before 10 p.m. last night? (01/16/17) 1182 18
To celebrate turning 50, Westmont athletic director Dave Odell ran 50 miles and raised over $50,000 to fundraise money for the Santa Barbara Track Club and Westmont Athletics. (01/16/17) 862 2
Roger reports a stolen 2003 red BMW was spotted in Santa Barbara. (01/16/17) 1463 5
Max captures aerial [pics] of Cachuma Lake after the recent rainstorm. (01/16/17) 5181 14
Sophia Qin of Dos Pueblo High School receives national award for her technological achievements. (01/16/17) 1062 5
Steve shares [pics] of waves and snowy egrets at Goleta Beach. (01/16/17) 1591 7
SpaceX has had a long series of rocket launch failures and delays, but Saturday was their lucky day. (01/16/17) 1013 10
The Santa Barbara County Horticultural Society recognized Mike Tully with the 2016 Bouquet of the Year. [pic] (01/16/17) 1349 5
Water rising at La Cumbre, fish balls, and intriguing work atop the kid's museum from John Wiley's latest. [pics] (01/16/17) 2335 9
The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum announces its certification as a Green Business of Santa Barbara County. [pic] (01/16/17) 691 2
Roger reports a gas leak in the 6800 Block of Hollister Ave. (01/16/17) 760 4

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 15, 2017 reads comments
A subscriber would like to warn others about trail head thieves after their car was broken into during a hike at Gaviota State Park. (01/15/17) 2206 21
KEYT: Drought dry Cachuma Lake could possibly have the biggest runoff in recent years after a few more inches of rain. (01/15/17) 3107 14
Now that the rain has let up, it's time to hit the ocean, and these folks have the [pics] of what's happening at the harbor and buzzing at the beach. (01/15/17) 2023 2
A car crashed into a power pole Saturday afternoon leaving hundreds of Goleta residents without power. (01/15/17) 3576 11
TRAVEL: Bonnie is planning for the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco that will take place next month. (01/15/17) 1121 3
Cartoons: Genevieve shares a funny cartoon about Trader Joes in Santa Barbara. (01/15/17) 3325 37
Santa Barbara's 93108 zip code has been ranked amongst the most expensive zip codes in the United States. (01/15/17) 3214 17
Approximately 800 pounds of tangerines were collected from a local property to distribute to those in need by volunteers organized by Food Forward. (01/15/17) 1311 6
Roger reports a motorcycle accident at the 900 Block of San Miguelito Canyon Road in Lompoc. (01/15/17) 632 3
The Evergreen Pear is a blossoming winter tree that produces a beautiful display of white flowers. (01/15/17) 905 5
POWDRELL: The art of clamming - a hobby, a sport, and a survival technique that brings a delicious bucket home for dinner! (01/15/17) 1734 20
Roger reports an injury traffic collision where a motorcyclist was struck by a vehicle on Milpas. (01/15/17) 941 11
Roger reports an injury traffic collision involving a vehicle and a bicyclist at the Santa Barbara Harbor. (01/15/17) 801 1
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: NatureTrack has specially trained naturalists, who enjoy sharing their knowledge and love of the outdoors with students, lead free adventures for local schools. (01/15/17) 481 3
SpaceX Falcon 9 launches from Vandenberg AFB at 9:54 a.m. Saturday. [pic] (01/15/17) 2608 17
Meet Justin, a curious bunny who's up for adoption. (01/15/17) 623 2
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Balto, an adventurous, independent dog who loves to be outdoors! (01/15/17) 1092 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 14, 2017 reads comments
Roger reports a chimney fire at the 1700 block of Villa Ave with a full city fire response. (01/14/17) 830 8
Astronomy: Has anyone else seen the bright light above the southwest horizon in the night sky? (01/14/17) 1679 9
Roger reports a possible structure fire at the 200 block of Ortega Ridge. (01/14/17) 669 2
Can edhatters identify this mushroom found on a dead oak tree? (01/14/17) 1856 26
Janet shares [pics] of lovely flowers from the SB Orchid Estate (01/14/17) 1340 4
Here are updates on the current bicycle projects going on in Goleta (01/14/17) 1450 3
Roger reports a traffic accident on Helena and Yanonali in the Funk Zone. (01/14/17) 919 7
Does anyone know what these worm-like creatures are? (01/14/17) 2267 9
Wendy shares [pics] of the San Ysidro Creek bursting with color and water. (01/14/17) 2058 8
Edhatters share awesome nature [pics] of what's up above (01/14/17) 1221 9
A steep increase in influenza activity has been recorded in California over the past 3 weeks and Public Health is urging residents to get vaccinated. [pic] (01/14/17) 1876 44
DIRECTV customers have lost KEYT and other channels due to a contract dispute. (01/14/17) 2723 36
Goleta Union School District Superintendent Banning announced he will retire at the end of the school year in June. (01/14/17) 743 6
Does anyone know what the police activity was about around Cottage Hospital Friday morning? (01/14/17) 2208 16
Roger has the scanner reports. "A friend of mine wrote about Handicapped Folks in Wheelchairs that are Homeless being refused service in our local coffeehouses." (01/14/17) 1664 24
Edhatters share astonishing [pics] of the spectacular Thurday sunset with a magnificent rainbow. (01/14/17) 3016 6

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 13, 2017 reads comments
Michael shares [pics] of the full moon's tide from Ledbetter Point (01/13/17) 1688 3

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