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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 18, 2014 reads comments
In March the SBPD made 49 arrests for driving under the influence violations. Here is information on a few of the cases. (04/18/14) 1093 8
Robert Joseph Perez pled no contest to 7 felony charges stemming from his embezzlement of funds from the SBC Fire Fighters Union.[mug] (04/18/14) 929 4
Vipers over SB added to the helicopter count with this flight of two John Wiley saw last Sunday. [pics] (04/18/14) 1114 8
Aquaholic wandered down to the Harbor and found these birds ready for their close-ups. [pics] (04/18/14) 770 8
UPDATE: Hundreds of Solvang residents and businesses were evacuated Wednesday following the discovery of a potentially explosive military ordnance. The device was identified and destroyed. [pics] (04/18/14) 5082 25
Does anyone know if a local bakery makes pie pops? (04/18/14) 850 9
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office and Santa Barbara Police Department are joining forces for the first ever "Coffee with a Cop" in Montecito. (04/18/14) 503 5
A disease is killing off sea stars, commonly known as starfish on our west coast beaches. (04/18/14) 796 16
Stigand shares more local [pics], this time from the Santa Barbara Harbor. (04/18/14) 890 5
A subscriber shares [pics] of Wednesday's severe sky in black and white. (04/18/14) 866 4
My 4 yr old dog has elbow dysplasia and has a persistent limp. Has anyone done the PAUL procedure to realign the elbow joint with any success? (04/18/14) 680 8
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (04/18/14) 218 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 04/17/14 (04/18/14) 187 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 17, 2014 reads comments
Roger reports a man down with a head injury found by SBPD. (04/17/14) 1427 4
A subscriber would like to know what beach usually has the best conditions for stand up paddle boarding. (04/17/14) 1192 31
A motorcyclist is down on Hwy 101 southbound, just north of the Hot Springs exit. (04/17/14) 1098 2
Roger reports that a Santa Barbara police officer ran a subject for wants and warrants and the subject had several sex offenses. (04/17/14) 1667 5
Shooting at Broadway and Donavan in Santa Maria. Unknown circumstances at this time. (04/17/14) 566 8
An edhat subscriber reports a bicycle accident on State Street where a thief walked off with the bike. [pic] (04/17/14) 2414 37
Because of the increase in local live fuel moisture levels and the predicted weather forecast, the SBC FD is opening a limited permit burn window. (04/17/14) 449 4
A subscriber just saw CNN reporting live at the skate park. [pics] (04/17/14) 3111 44
The Sheriff's office releases another public request for Deltopia video and photos. (04/17/14) 963 7
Small brush fire behind the 3700 block of San Remo. (04/17/14) 698 8
An Orange County man pled guilty to murdering his uncle and dumping the body while setting it on fire in Santa Barbara County. (04/17/14) 1730 10
Updated with [mugs]: Two Santa Barbara County men were arrested on felony charges of conspiracy and grand theft for stealing fish. (04/17/14) 3238 28
Roger reports a possible electrical fire at the SBPD Department on 215 East Figueroa. (04/17/14) 415 add
Goleta's Finance Director leaves for Santa Paula while an interim Finance Director has been appointed. [pic] (04/17/14) 674 8
A subscribers shares [pics] of Goleta Beach. (04/17/14) 1216 4
Is there a place I can take my classroom VCR/DVD player to get it fixed? (04/17/14) 959 23
Owen Granville Johnston (Dec 29, 1920 - April 2, 2014) (04/17/14) 342 add
Roger reports a burglary at Rite Aid in the 800 Block of State Street. 2 suspects smashed through a window. (04/17/14) 1214 15
Roger has the scanner reports. Garbage can in middle lanes 101 Southbound Cabrillo. (04/17/14) 689 3
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (04/17/14) 186 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 16, 2014 reads comments
A reader is wondering if there is a pool in town available for lap swimming without having to purchase a gym membership. (04/16/14) 1964 20
If you're among those who didn't get your tax return to the PO before they closed today, you may have heard there's one option in SB County until 9pm. (04/16/14) 763 10
Brush fire on Highway 101 northbound at Hope street. Small fire has reportedly been put out. (04/16/14) 725 4
The SBPD has announced the recipients of the 2014 Citizen Extra Step Awards. (04/16/14) 639 4
The fog kept rolling in and out at the Bird Refuge this afternoon. [pic] (04/16/14) 969 6
The City Council has approved the City Administrator's appointment of George Buell as Community Development Director. [pic] (04/16/14) 583 1
UPDATED: with CHP release. Roger reports an overturned horse carriage at Chamberlin Ranch, two people are injured (04/16/14) 1969 14
Structure Fire at 150 Willow Springs. Full County Fire Dept is responding. (04/16/14) 978 11
Outside on his patio, Jason Chapman saw a juvenile hummingbird as it darted into view and landed nearby. [pics] (04/16/14) 917 4
A meadow of flowers near Cachuma and an iconic view of Yosemite Falls from John Wiley.[pics] (04/16/14) 1024 2
Raymond Morua pled guilty to DUI and fatal hit-and-run charges on Tuesday morning. (04/16/14) 2234 29
The County of Santa Barbara Community Services Department Parks Division has received Board of Supervisor's approval to increase protection from aquatic invasive species at Cachuma Lake (04/16/14) 412 add
What do Deltopia, the Bundy ranch, and the gang injunction have in common? An edhat subscriber shares their thoughts. (04/16/14) 1621 52
A local resident found a wedding ring at Ellwood Beach and through Facebook was able to return it to the rightful owners. (04/16/14) 2250 24
Beverly Duann Gussenhoven (Sept 21, 1925 - March 30, 2014) (04/16/14) 284 1
The 17-year-old Los Angeles teen accused of assaulting a police officer during Deltopia pleaded not guilty on Monday. (04/16/14) 1916 34
Updated with [vid]: Edhat subscribers share pictures of Tuesday morning's lunar eclipse, the Blood Moon. (04/16/14) 2630 21
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (04/16/14) 194 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 15, 2014 reads comments
An edhat subscriber received a letter from a Riviera resident regarding parking near El Encanto. (04/15/14) 4187 55
Are there some local, moderately priced restaurants especially good for solo diners? (04/15/14) 2504 24
The men and women of the Santa Barbara City Police and Fire Departments would like to honor the 9-1-1 dispatchers who serve our community. (04/15/14) 577 6
Report of brush fires along Highway 101 in San Luis Obisbo, possibly up to 8 fires. (04/15/14) 965 2
I am looking for some ideas for a relaxing low-cost yet romantic date night. (04/15/14) 2266 22
Roger reports some police action on 29 North Milpas. A woman was reportedly brought down by police. (04/15/14) 1454 16
We are looking for some feedback on UC Verde Buffalo Grass How well does it grow here? (04/15/14) 870 7
City College administration is moving forward with approving two six-week summer class sessions, starting in 2015. (04/15/14) 528 5
While waiting on UCSB campus, Jason Chapman noticed a large outdoor concrete box housing a bunch of different fish. [pics] (04/15/14) 2056 12
Arthur Thomas Lopez (May 22, 1930 - April 5, 2014) (04/15/14) 602 add
During a recent afternoon sail, a reader saw a large herd of dolphins. [vid] (04/15/14) 1879 21
A Goleta drainage improvement project will result in overnight ramp closure on the 101 at Fairview Ave. next week. (04/15/14) 443 5
I am looking for places that have a great space to play board games for a big social group. (04/15/14) 869 10
I'd like to know if anyone has a dentist who does not insist on taking x-rays every year? (04/15/14) 1806 41
Andrew Furst, the 26-year-old who was shot while being accused of assaulting a police officer this past December, is waiting for the court to determine his competency to stand trial. (04/15/14) 961 add
Charles Brewster shares [pics] of the orchids and cacti plant that are in full bloom around his house. (04/15/14) 943 6
As we continue to experience severe drought conditions, the Office of Emergency Management shares a website that offers useful water-saving tips. (04/15/14) 525 add
Dr. Michael W. Thompson (January 28th, 1960 - March 27, 2014) (04/15/14) 2134 3
A project to grind and resurface State Route 192 from the Junction with State Route 154 to just east of Tye Road will begin on Monday. (04/15/14) 557 9
I would like to say thank you to a beautiful family who served as Good Samaritans on Sunday afternoon in Montecito. (04/15/14) 2460 9
A reader took a shot of the Mission from his scooter. [pic] (04/15/14) 1141 6
By chance an antique aircraft fly-in BBQ was at Columbia Airport when John Wiley landed there. [pics] (04/15/14) 1152 6
Beachbummer is curious if anyone knows whether the Church of Scientology is really for sale. [pics] (04/15/14) 2649 16
Roger has the scanner reports. Nothing weird ever happens in Santa Barbara. (04/15/14) 1332 12
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (04/15/14) 230 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 14, 2014 reads comments
Do any you of you Audubon hikers know if you can get to Knapp's Castle? (04/14/14) 1653 11
Poppies along the Yosemite River and a view across the Rim Fire area to Bridal Veil from John Wiley. [pics] (04/14/14) 1352 4
Lauren: The Public Market on West Victoria treated the community to a soft opening this weekend. (04/14/14) 4509 75
A vegetation fire, on a hillside off San Marcos in the 4900 block of La Mirada Drive. (04/14/14) 1312 8
A subscriber's hillside has turned into a giant field of yellow flowers. [pic] (04/14/14) 1478 8
A subscriber wants to know what this may be in her 1940's-era Saltillo tile that is gradually eroding on her patio. [pics] (04/14/14) 2285 16
Photographer Fritz Olenberger shares his beautiful photos of all the performances in Saturday's 2014 Spirit of Fiesta Auditions. (04/14/14) 918 6
Here is the Figueroa Wildflower Newsletter. Due to the drought that we are experiencing, the wildflowers are few and far between. (04/14/14) 924 7
A subscriber heard four very loud noises that shook the house on the Mesa around 10:20 pm Saturday night. Did anyone else experience this? (04/14/14) 1942 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 13, 2014 reads comments
Can you identify these wildflowers John Wiley saw near Pine Mountain Lake? [pic] (04/13/14) 1518 11
Festivals 4 a Cause held their 2nd Annual Brews at the Beach at Chase Palm Park and the Dedicated Staff was there snapping pics. (04/13/14) 1795 9
Have you heard UPS's gas saving strategy? It gives "around the block" a new depth of meaning. (04/13/14) 2242 4
Actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi didn't make their way back to Santa Barbara, but a case related to each of their bail bonds did make its way to Judge Frank Ochoa's courtroom. (04/13/14) 1600 13
Astronomy: There's a total lunar eclipse this coming, very early, Tuesday morning! (04/13/14) 1587 12
What type of sport activities are available for toddlers in Santa Barbara? (04/13/14) 1133 21
Mission & State: The Santa Barbara Unified School District balances cost and academic achievement as it offers 1,200 iPads to its students through California Common Core funding. (04/13/14) 1132 19
A reader reports seeing a bobcat on Friday at sunset between Fairview and La Patera Ranch. [pics] (04/13/14) 1902 14
Am I the only one who has noticed that the chime on the Courthouse Clock is off? [pic] (04/13/14) 1062 9
IN THE KITCHEN: I had some fun in the kitchen the other night and made Spanish-style lentils with chorizo and spinach. (04/13/14) 927 7
A subscriber is wondering why the Plaza de Oro Theater was closed on Friday night. (04/13/14) 1921 13
Way Back When: April 1914 — Buffalo Bill came to town with the circus. And Pancho Villa and the Mexican revolution came to a theater near you. (04/13/14) 1947 15
Former Sheriff Custody Deputies, Christopher Johnson and Robert Kirsch, were indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in Los Angeles. (04/13/14) 1428 29
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center empowers people through healing and social change to eliminate all forms of sexual violence. (04/13/14) 613 7
Does anyone know how paint blisters on a car? (04/13/14) 942 14
The body of a missing man near Guadalupe Dunes Park has been recovered and identified. [pic] (04/13/14) 2028 13
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Maria, a playful and talkative kitty still looking for a great home! (04/13/14) 811 8
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Twigs, an older rescue dog who is still a puppy at heart. (04/13/14) 921 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Apr 12, 2014 reads comments
Authorities are looking for two college-aged men who robbed a University of California, Santa Barbara student at knifepoint Thursday night. (04/12/14) 1735 7
Several edhat subscribers are reporting a Sheriff's helicopter circling the area of La Goleta Road and Cathedral Oaks. (04/12/14) 2475 7
A reader offers a heads up for young people coming to homes offering to lower gas bills. (04/12/14) 1937 7
The Public Health Department hosted a telephone conference to discuss the recent tuberculosis (TB) case of a student at Santa Maria High School. (04/12/14) 729 2
It's National Pet Day! Send in photos of your furry four-legged companions, feathered friends, and scaled critters. (04/12/14) 1580 35
Caltrans endorsed the National Association of City Transportation Officials' guidelines that include innovations such as buffered bike lanes and improved pedestrian walkways. (04/12/14) 732 16
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