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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 03, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber shares a [video] of aerial imagery of Santa Barbara's amazingly beautiful Courthouse. (09/03/14) 457 2
A subscriber shares an imaginative photo of a "sea serpent" at Hendry's Beach. (09/03/14) 584 1
The Independent: A coroner rules the Lake Cachuma death of Isaiah Sanchez an accidental drowning. (09/03/14) 233 1
Does anyone know anything about the very large pink house that sits on the Riviera and overlooks the entire city? Is it or has it been for sale? (09/03/14) 718 1
Structure Fire now reported as out Blue Skies Mobile Home Park in the 4300 Block of Calle Real.. (09/03/14) 765 6
Two construction workers came crashing down when a scaffolding fell apart while they were working on Shoreline Drive, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (09/03/14) 1577 13
The subjects depicted in the attached surveillance photographs are suspects in a grand theft purse snatch that occurred on August 22. [pics] (09/03/14) 2094 6
The 5th Annual Tequila Festival hosted at Elings Park was a wonderful event filled with good vibes and great tequila. [pics] (09/03/14) 745 6
HISTORY: Beachside bummer saw a picture that had him thinking about vines. So he checked out the grapevine that made Montecito famous. [pics] (09/03/14) 822 3
I need to have a surveillance camera installed. Does anyone know who to call? (09/03/14) 851 16
Showers on county beaches have been turned off in an effort to save water during this critical drought period. (09/03/14) 643 17
Does anyone have any orthopedic surgeon recommendations? (09/03/14) 1314 25
Updated With Pic SB Yarn Blaster Babes channel Spiderman to create a wishing web. (09/03/14) 2561 27
Outdoor showers on county beaches have been turned off in an effort to save water during this critical drought period. (09/03/14) 749 22
Is there a local charity that picks up on Saturday afternoons? (09/03/14) 292 3
Significant progress is being made in efforts to secure emergency drought funding for the Lake Cachuma pumping project. (09/03/14) 433 2
I saw this evolving rainbow cloud display on Sunday. [pics] Any speculation on what it was? (09/03/14) 934 10
National Preparedness Month is right around the corner! This September's theme is "Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare". (09/03/14) 208 1
The Independent: The historic stone pine trees that line East Anapamu St. are currently under stress due to the drought. (09/03/14) 919 20
Patti Gutshall enjoyed Jack Johnson's recent concert at the SB Bowl. [pics] (09/03/14) 1072 11
Arlette Carol Houghton (November 11, 1930 - August 15, 2014) (09/03/14) 173 add
Roger reports a small brush fire between 192 and Stanwood, Full Fire Response. (09/03/14) 908 7
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (09/03/14) 178 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 09/02/14. Happy Birthday to edhat's publisher, Sue! (09/03/14) 207 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 02, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber reports a traffic accident on Highway 154 with a vehicle possibly over the road. (09/02/14) 2106 19
Possible 5150 (psychiatric hold) in Isla Vista, the subject is making threats and walking around with a hammer and scissors. (09/02/14) 1801 16
Roger reports an injured paraglider is down in the 2500 block of Medcliff Road near the Douglas Family Preserve. (09/02/14) 1286 4
Roger reports a gas leak in the 300 block of Raymond Avenue in Santa Maria. (09/02/14) 278 add
Vegetation fire in the 3300 block of Caballo Lane in Los Olivos. (09/02/14) 370 add
September is National Preparedness Month and the County of Santa Barbara is joining the nationwide effort. (09/02/14) 314 add
Solo vehicle rollover with 3 injuries on Jalama Road, one mile from the beach entrance. (09/02/14) 1144 9
Red Rock is usually a popular summer outing, but the forecast of heat and lack of water seems to have reduced the number of visitors. (09/02/14) 1618 10
Has anybody else run into a person pressing the "service dog" issue to get onto public transportation or into stores and restaurants? (09/02/14) 3088 62
James Lowell Bartlett Jr. (October 21, 1918 - August 26, 2014) (09/02/14) 484 add
Did anyone else see the helicopter headed north flying over Santa Barbara at about 7:15 this morning with a spray rig attached to it? (09/02/14) 1343 15
SB photographer Fritz Olenberger captured some exciting action at the final round of the Bombardier Pacific Coast Open at the Santa Barbara Polo Club on Sunday. [pics] (09/02/14) 802 3
Did anyone else see the Mars, Saturn and Moon conjunction last night just after nightfall? [pics] (09/02/14) 1098 6
Five police cars, AMR, and fire were on Ladera St this morning. Anyone know why? (09/02/14) 1481 7
Roger has the scanner reports. Maybe they should call it something other than High School. (09/02/14) 1448 12
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (09/02/14) 215 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 01, 2014 reads comments
Can any of your readers tell me what the name of this plant is? The flowers look like a plumeria but the stalk is full of very sharp spikes. [pic] (09/01/14) 2214 10
A subscriber shares a [vid] of a surfer catching a wave from Hurricane Marie's swell. (09/01/14) 1613 9
Around 10pm there was an extremely large flash of light in the east toward Vandenberg. What was it? (09/01/14) 1554 3
Santa Barbara County Fire Department responded to a structure fire, located at 242 Foster Rd. in Orcutt. (09/01/14) 300 add
Medical Emergency Wind Cave Trail at Gaviota Beach Fire Medics Copter 3 responding for rescue of subject. (09/01/14) 675 2
Patti Gutshall recently paid a visit to the 5th Annual Santa Barbara Tequila Harvest Festival. [pics] (09/01/14) 1261 3
Roger reports a vehicle vs. bicyclist on De La Guerra at Milpas. It is unknown if injury and fire, medics, and SBPD are responding. (09/01/14) 704 10
Single vehicle rollover on Highway 154 at Highway 101, or exit 146. Airbags deployed and Fire, Medics, CHP are responding. (09/01/14) 1081 5
On September 3, there will be a closure of one westbound lane of Hollister Avenue between South Glen Annie and Santa Felicia to allow for pavement grinding. (09/01/14) 339 4
James Franklin Shook Jr.(October 28, 1929 - August 24, 2014) (09/01/14) 342 add
A reader snapped this sequence of [pics] last Wednesday of a surfer pulling into a nice barrel ride. (09/01/14) 1819 3
An edhat reader was at the Farmers Market yesterday and shares [pics] of fresh local color. (09/01/14) 1183 3
Charles Brewster shares scenes from a Sunday sunrise in Santa Barbara. [pics] (09/01/14) 931 6
There are still blooms in the hills! [pics] (09/01/14) 954 3
Charles Gordon "Gordy" Campbell (d. July 25, 2014) (09/01/14) 624 add
An edhatter shares this [pic] taken earlier in the week of Sandspit striations. (09/01/14) 1155 1
A subscriber shares a country sunset in Ballard. [pic] (09/01/14) 682 1
Does anyone know if the new bike path along the Rincon is open? (09/01/14) 1353 8
Edhat subscribers are reporting a power outage in the Noleta area from Fairview to Hwy 154. (09/01/14) 1934 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 31, 2014 reads comments
Roger reports a hazardous investigation into people lighting floating lanterns at the end of Linden Carp State Beach. (08/31/14) 1999 16
Roger reports kayakers in distress off El Capitan State Beach. (08/31/14) 1790 6
Santa Barbara photographer Fritz Olenberger was at the Earl Warren Showgrounds this weekend for the 70th Annual Arabian and Half-Arabian Horse Show. [pics] (08/31/14) 989 5
SBSO are looking for a missing at-risk subject at the southern edge of Goleta and More Mesa. (08/31/14) 2335 10
The National Weather Service has predicted high temperatures, low humidity's and local sundowner winds through Sunday morning across the Santa Barbara South Coast, including Montecito. (08/31/14) 724 4
Have you pondered the water footprint of the foods you eat? Would you alter your habits if it meant the drought could be beat? (08/31/14) 731 16
Cartoons: Mike Gordon shares a cartoon for all wine lovers in edhat land. (08/31/14) 1219 4
BOOK CLUB: A local writer has published a book about Beatlemania in the 1960's and meeting the infamous boy band. (08/31/14) 872 20
David Diamant shares more surfing [pics] from Thursday. (08/31/14) 1415 6
According to one subscriber, a recent report from the Bureau of Land Management confirms oil risks in Santa Barbara County. (08/31/14) 1273 33
A subscriber reports some water wasting at the Santa Barbara Airport. [pics] (08/31/14) 1892 30
Edhat subscribers reported several fishing boats gathered off Shoreline Park on Friday afternoon. (08/31/14) 1139 7
Astronomy: This Friday was the anniversary of one of the most important discoveries in the history of astronomy, which took place 150 years ago. (08/31/14) 1625 13
Traffic Accident on Highway 101, a motorcyclist is down in the southbound lanes near the Dos Pueblos ramp in Goleta. (08/31/14) 738 5
A subscriber shares [pics] of succulents in bloom. (08/31/14) 843 5
Updated with photos: Roger reports an out of control vehicle at Lazy Acres grocery store. It is unknown if there are any injuries. (08/31/14) 4162 26
COUNT: Did you guess the correct number of surfers at Leadbetter on Wednesday? Find out here! (08/31/14) 762 5
POWDRELL: David Powdrell shares images of waves generated by Hurricane Marie from a slightly different perspective. (08/31/14) 1685 10
Roger reports a stove fire inside a residence in the 3200 block of Laurel Canyon Road. (08/31/14) 529 6
A red flag warning has been issued for gusty winds and low humidity from 3pm on Saturday until 3am on Sunday. [pic] (08/31/14) 634 1
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Conflict Solutions Center is a community-based organization committed to the development of non- adversarial responses to conflict. (08/31/14) 432 2
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Baker, a cat who has always been interested in the finer art of cooking. (08/31/14) 755 8
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Kasey, a bright and adventurous dog looking for a family to share her life. (08/31/14) 899 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 30, 2014 reads comments
COUNT: With the recent influx of waves, Ed decided to count surfers at Leadbetter. Can you guess how many were in the water? (08/30/14) 1845 NA
A subscriber noticed food trucks gathering in Ventura and is hopeful they'll be coming up to SB. Anyone know? (08/30/14) 1424 8
Roger reports a dog in distress has been rescued from a hot vehicle after a reporting party called in. (08/30/14) 2292 45
Summer/Labor Day Avoid DUI Campaign is continuing DUI enforcement. DUI arrests are down and DUI fatalities are down. (08/30/14) 933 7
Edhat subscribers share photos of how they plan to celebrate the extended Labor Day weekend. Send in your photos! (08/30/14) 797 9
A subscriber shares drone [vid] of surfers at the Harbor and Jon Shafer shares pictures of swelltastic surf. (08/30/14) 2826 19
The Santa Barbara County Fire Department will unveil vehicle and equipment purchased for the Arson Task Force, including Riley the Arson Dog. [pic] (08/30/14) 1362 11
Several wealthy Montecito residents have reportedly been trucking in water during the drought. (08/30/14) 3561 97
The Lompoc Health Care Center has been awarded $229,000 for facility improvements and coordinated care. (08/30/14) 429 3
Reflections on rainbow mist, waves and riders from John Wiley's big wave coastal cruise. [pics] (08/30/14) 1455 5
Roger has the scanner reports. Report of a subject on North La Cumbre Lane, riding a bicycle, carrying a big sword or stick, and looking in windows. (08/30/14) 1469 15
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/30/14) 281 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 29, 2014 reads comments
What free fun events and activities are happening in the greater Santa Barbara area this Labor Day weekend? (08/29/14) 2116 16
John Palminteri reports the damage Hurricane Marie caused at Goleta Beach County Park. [pics] (08/29/14) 2623 9
In the first month of the new fiscal year, the City of Santa Barbara collected more than $2.1 million in Transient Occupancy Taxes. (08/29/14) 571 12
John Palminteri shares some treasures that the waves brought to the surface. [pics] (08/29/14) 2621 7
The City of Goleta has provided an update on pile driving operations for the Los Carneros Bridge Project. (08/29/14) 825 add
Vegetation fire in Santa Maria at Clubhouse Drive and Burton Mesa, they were talking about evacuating houses. (08/29/14) 564 2
Santa Barbara County residents will participate in a worldwide clearing of trash and debris from our beaches, shorelines, and inland waterways. (08/29/14) 681 add
A subscriber reports a traffic accident on Hwy 154 at W. Camino Cielo. (08/29/14) 1057 1
Sheriff Deputies have arrested an armed and suicidal subject in Isla Vista on Wednesday afternoon. (08/29/14) 3184 26
Researchers at UCSB and Griffith University in Australia identify origin and purpose of the facial expression for anger. (08/29/14) 967 9
Edhat subscribers share photos and [vid] of the waves and surf brought in by Hurricane Marie. (08/29/14) 2533 6
The Independent: A Santa Barbara team discovers that wind and ice are behind the mysterious "sailing stones" in Death Valley. (08/29/14) 1005 15
The City of Goleta received $3.654 million in grants for bicycle and pedestrian improvements. (08/29/14) 597 10
Does anyone know who was on the United plane from Denver yesterday? Passengers disembarked to find SUVs with FBI type agents waiting. (08/29/14) 5568 35
Who sells the best tuna salad sandwich in Santa Barbara or Goleta? (08/29/14) 2440 38
The City of Goleta is seeking one student member of the community to serve on the City's Parks and Recreation Commission. (08/29/14) 397 add

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