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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 27, 2015 reads comments
A subscriber shares a [pic] of seven robins enjoying a nice bath this morning. (01/27/15) 500 3
Larry Nimmer shares [vids] of the 57th Annual Carpinteria Community Awards Banquet. (01/27/15) 256 add
Why does the train use its blaring horn very early in the morning? (01/27/15) 908 11
Santa Barbara Police have released recent crime data for December 2014. [pics] (01/27/15) 567 4
Santa Barbara City is distributing free rain shut-off sensors for sprinkler timers (01/27/15) 446 add
Aquaholic drove up to East Camino Cielo to catch Monday's bright sunrise. [pic] (01/27/15) 499 6
Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley announced today the guilty verdicts in the first Human Trafficking jury trial in Santa Barbara County. (01/27/15) 882 1
KEYT, KCOY, KKFX (Fox 11) won several awards at the 65th Annual Golden Mike Awards hosted by the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California (01/27/15) 410 2
Goleta Mayor Paula Perotte appointed Katie Maynard to serve as her Planning Commission representative. (01/27/15) 353 2
The City reminds drivers that if they encounter a dark intersection where the traffic signals are inoperative, it must be treated as an all way stop. (01/27/15) 316 4
Lois Oates (May 26, 1924 - January 16, 2015) (01/27/15) 150 add
Where I can rent a mobility scooter for a few days? (01/27/15) 538 6
On Saturday evening, Charles noticed a really bright star over SB. [pic] (01/27/15) 1021 5
The Independent: The County of Santa Barbara has appealed the federal government's December approval of the Chumash tribe's request to annex its 1,400-acre property known as Camp 4. (01/27/15) 718 19
Edhatters share photos and [vid] from the Rincon Classic this past weekend. (01/27/15) 936 7
We are going to the SB Film Festival for the first time this year -- any tips on what to wear, how early to arrive, etc? (01/27/15) 890 6
Did anyone else see a very bright white light, low in the western sky, as the sun was setting last night? (01/27/15) 874 18
Gary Steven Grubacich (January 13, 1947 - January 12, 2015) (01/27/15) 339 add
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a simple beauty in Santa Barbara. (01/27/15) 924 2
While photographing Sunday's sunset, Charles Brewster noticed numerous "UFO's" hanging around. [pics] (01/27/15) 1206 3
Visions of evening abounded during John Wiley's Sunday sunset flight. [pics] (01/27/15) 663 3
An edhat reader saw this notice for the proposed development of the Goleta Beach Slough and wonders if others have seen it as well. [pics] (01/27/15) 1222 14
I'm looking for recommendations of humane small local (SB, SYV) farms that sell meat. (01/27/15) 786 11
Samuel Romano (January 24, 1927 - January 14, 2015) (01/27/15) 211 add
Updated With [Pic]: A subscriber reports there is a controlled burn at the top of Shadow Hills Circle between Shadow Hills and San Antonio Creek Road. (01/27/15) 828 1
Updated With More Photos: Subscribers share Sunday night's sunset as seen from their yards around town.[pics] (01/27/15) 2359 18
Roger reports water is coming out of the sidewalk at 3020 State Street. Public works has been notified. (01/27/15) 705 5
Roger has the scanner reports. Drunk man hitting his car Ortega and Bath. (01/27/15) 846 1
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (01/27/15) 232 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 01/26/15 (01/27/15) 284 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 26, 2015 reads comments
A subscriber wonders what your favorite flower is to have at this time of year? [pic] (01/26/15) 1103 20
Napi Joy Blake (August 13, 1928 - January 6, 2015) (01/26/15) 326 add
Report of a man exposing himself on the beach near the craft show off East Cabrillo. (01/26/15) 1528 18
A reader was out exploring SB and shares a view. [pic] (01/26/15) 1301 4
Helen Marquette (October 20, 1932 - January 14, 2015) (01/26/15) 367 1
Jean snapped these [pics] of yellow mallow. (01/26/15) 1239 13
John Wiley wonders if you've visited this mountaintop rock alcove with panoramic view. [pics] (01/26/15) 1918 7
An edhatter made this [vid] of the Santa Barbara train station and the arrival and departure of the Pacific Surfliner. (01/26/15) 1222 14
Marian Elisabeth Nickel Hartfeld (July 17, 1926 - January 4, 2015) (01/26/15) 327 add
A subscriber shares this [pic] of a 165' yacht sitting in the Santa Barbara Harbor. (01/26/15) 3897 19
Report of a vehicle over the side on highway 154 at East Camino Cielo just before Kinevan.. (01/26/15) 1457 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 25, 2015 reads comments
The Rincon Class surf contest is underway and Saturday morning was windy but they pulled off some great rides regardless. [pic] (01/25/15) 2834 8
A local resident discusses the fee to trust issue for Indian tribes relating to the Chumash's Camp 4 area. (01/25/15) 1538 50
The Humanist Society of Santa Barbara hosted a talk by science writer and editor Kendrick Frazier: "Excursions in Skepticism and Humanism: Some Scientific and Moral Dimensions". (01/25/15) 958 26
Roger reports an injury traffic accident involving a vehicle vs motorcycle in the 1000 block of APS and Loma Media. (01/25/15) 793 2
Does anyone know those booming sounds were around 11:38 a.m. Saturday in Goleta? (01/25/15) 1478 7
MUSIC: Jenny takes in the sound of Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald at SOhO last weekend. (01/25/15) 1052 5
HISTORY: Tom Modugno has started an online petition for the City of Goleta to save the old Ellwood Gas Station. (01/25/15) 2427 28
Roger reports a medical emergency concerning someone stuck in the surf off Camino Del Sur in Isla Vista. (01/25/15) 929 5
EDBIT: Did you correctly guess the answers to our What Is It? photo contest? Find out who won 2 tickets to tonight's California Wine Festival. (01/25/15) 1887 9
Updated With Another Pic: Chuck shares a [pic] of the Crown Princess on Friday. (01/25/15) 1234 13
POWDRELL: David discovered the infamous cocktail tree, bearing 4-in-1 fruits. (01/25/15) 3597 27
Isla Vista Foot Patrol and the UCPD have arrested 18-year-old Kevin Ruiz for stabbing a 21-year-old UCSB student. [mug] (01/25/15) 3096 20
A subscriber reports a Christmas tree fire on the receiving dock of downtown Ralph's. [vid] (01/25/15) 947 8
The County Animal Services has dismissed a longtime volunteer from the shelter and sent out this letter to other volunteers. [pic] (01/25/15) 3460 36
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The Santa Barbara Jazz Society is non-profit organization dedicated to preserving America's unique contribution to the world of jazz. (01/25/15) 521 add
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Malaya, a gentle and talkative tortie awaiting her forever home. (01/25/15) 915 4
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Akasha, a sweet-tempered, treat-loving shelter dog who is looking for a home. (01/25/15) 928 4
John Palminteri wonders if you've seen the new developments in the Presidio Neighborhood. [pics] (01/25/15) 1583 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 24, 2015 reads comments
John Pierpont made a quick stop by the pit today to capture this lovely sunset [pic]. (01/24/15) 1062 3
A subscriber shares a neat [pic] of Santa Barbara using an infrared camera. (01/24/15) 1913 8
Did anyone else get a surprise with their Santa Barbara City water bill today? Mine was almost double with the addition of new "administrative charges." Anyone know what's going on? (01/24/15) 2658 23
Roger reports a traffic accident where a motorist admits to rear-ending bicyclist due to texting, in the 4100 block of State Street. (01/24/15) 1736 21
When members of the Santa Barbara Hillel go to Washington, D.C. in March, they will witness a controversial visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, says KEYT. (01/24/15) 1185 90
The City of Lompoc is reviewing a complaint accusing a local cross fit gym of causing a disturbance to a residential zone. (01/24/15) 1482 17
The Buellton office of the California Highway Patrol has announced there are openings available for the next Start Smart classes. (01/24/15) 565 add
To celebrate the city's 50th anniversary, Carpinteria now has a Golden Jubilee beer, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (01/24/15) 871 add
Injury traffic accident: Vehicle vs Bicyclist at Chapala and Cabrillo. Fire, Medics, Harbor Patrol, and SBPD Responding.. (01/24/15) 833 3
Roger reports a suspicious male in the 5800 Block of Calle Real. He was harassing two younger females and grabbed one of their backpacks. (01/24/15) 1071 4
It's National Pie Day and Ed wants to see photos of the sweet treats you like to indulge in.  (01/24/15) 1009 10
The California Transportation Commission has allocated $174.8 million to 85 transportation projects throughout the
Central Coast for repairs.  (01/24/15)
506 1
HISTORY: Does anyone know the history behind this memorial stone? (01/24/15) 2004 10
Does anyone have an update on the Turnpike/Cathedral Oaks bridge replacement? (01/24/15) 1000 3
Steve captured a [pic] of the Crown Princess cruise ship at sunrise. (01/24/15) 1901 19
TRAVEL: New views opened up for John Wiley on a lazy hazy San Diego Bay day flight. (01/24/15) 686 3
I was given a parking ticket on the Mesa for street sweeping, but the signs are totally washed out due to the sun. Can I fight it? (01/24/15) 2174 40
Crews have finished removing the portion of a building and patio that were connected to the existing bridge and have prepared creek banks for pile work in the Cabrillo Bridge Replacement Project. [pic] (01/24/15) 846 1
Three defendants in the 2013 Granny's Field murder took a plea deal and pleaded guilty to felony voluntary manslaughter. [mugs] (01/24/15) 1861 14
An edhatter shares a [vid] of the sunset at Franceschi Park. (01/24/15) 1011 9
Can anyone recommend a nice weekend getaway where we can rent a house/cabin and play outside in the snow? (01/24/15) 1426 16
Roger reports a suspect making threatening phone calls to 911, Police are responding to his home. (01/24/15) 1144 4
Roger has the scanner reports. Animal control on someone at the Cabrillo Ball Field on a leash violation. (01/24/15) 1169 8
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (01/24/15) 370 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 23, 2015 reads comments
Subscribers share [pics] of tonight's sunset as seen from varying spots in Santa Barbara County. (01/23/15) 1099 10
SBBeeboy got a call this morning from Rusty's Pizza asking for help with a swarm of bees that just arrived in front of their business. [pics] (01/23/15) 1935 16
Santa Barbara's sales tax and transient occupancy tax growth continues. (01/23/15) 543 1
The Goleta Police Department Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint on January 23rd. [pic] (01/23/15) 1254 9
San Luis Obispo Police Department identified a man that made threats to Isla Vista over social media last Saturday, reports KEYT. (01/23/15) 1734 6
The IV Tenants Union is fighting back and launching a public awareness campaign for six households that were forced out of their homes, reports KEYT. (01/23/15) 1652 29
A high surf advisory has been issued from 4pm Friday to 4pm Saturday. (01/23/15) 720 1
A subscriber took a trip to Sespe River in Ojai and got a [pic] of some water. (01/23/15) 1692 2
Roger reports a male standing on Cold Springs Bridge SBSO Responding.. (01/23/15) 1711 11
Does anyone know the latest on the "artists village" in the Funk Zone? (01/23/15) 1327 7
What is the nicest restaurant in Santa Barbara one can go without getting dressed up? (01/23/15) 4470 62
I'm looking for a referral for a local lawyer who can help my company. (01/23/15) 1476 19
John Palminteri reports that recent sea lion sightings on the beach do not always mean cause for concern. [pics] (01/23/15) 1607 9
Is there anyone in the Santa Barbara area that can change out the floor locks for a wheelchair on a mobility van? (01/23/15) 658 5
Laureldean (Lollie) Waugh (June 5, 1928 - January 18, 2015) (01/23/15) 610 1
Two local community colleges were not selected for the statewide pilot program to offer Bachelor Degrees. (01/23/15) 1367 3
Edhatters share photos and a time-lapse [vid] of a Thursday sunrise. (01/23/15) 884 9
A team led by a UCSB researcher shows that both water flow and channel capacity are necessary for accurate flood hazard risk assessment. (01/23/15) 590 2
Roger reports a possible trash fire near Highway 101 northbound at the Mission Street onramp. (01/23/15) 664 5
A subscriber reports that the County Animal Services Department is proposing to raise most fees associated with stray dog retrieval and animal business permits. (01/23/15) 805 11
A large structure fire destroyed a barn in the Santa Ynez Valley early Thursday morning, reports KEYT. (01/23/15) 953 add
A subscriber shares a [vid] of the sunset at Butterfly Beach. (01/23/15) 804 2
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (01/23/15) 484 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 22, 2015 reads comments
Sheriffs will begin issuing citations to vehicles blocking the sidewalk starting on February 15th to improve pedestrian safety. [pics] (01/22/15) 3956 31
Hwy 1 at Hwy 101 (Las Cruces just north of Gaviota) is closed. Anyone know why? (01/22/15) 1266 2
Lompoc police are investigating a homicide on the 900 block of North H Street, reports KEYT. (01/22/15) 1101 add
Roger reports an injury traffic accident on Helena and Cabrillo Blvd. Fire and Medics responding. (01/22/15) 808 3

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