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Sunday Edhat reads comments
Fiesta Events! Here's a list of new and recurring events happening this week for Old Spanish Days.
updated 1:30 pm
1937 10

Breaking News reads comments
Patti Gutshall shares [pics] of La Cumbre Plaza dancers.
updated 4:15 pm
219 add
The Dedicated Staff danced the night away as dignified dignitaries at the Los Dignatarios party on Thursday evening at the Santa Barbara Zoo.
updated 2:55 pm
494 5
Roger reports numerous subjects fighting near the bathrooms at Pershing Park, SBPD Responding..
updated 1:43 pm
716 9
Vegetation Fire at the entrance to Village Country Club, 4300 block of Club House Road. Full County Fire response.
updated 1:38 pm
319 1
Roger reports the SBFD is on a fire call and smoke is showing. Unknown location of where the smoke alarm is going off.
updated 1:29 pm
380 5
Does anyone have any recommendations for a restaurant that serves good buffalo wings?
updated 12:45 pm
636 8
Edhat subscriber and fiesta reporter Abomb shared her highlights as the pregnant lady at the Los Dignatarios party on Thursday evening.
updated 11:20 am
620 add
The former mayor of Dish, Texas spoke out against the expansion of high-risk oil extraction in Santa Barbara County last week. 
updated 10:45 am
525 17
 A project to resurface State Route 246 from Pine Street to Entrance Road will begin on Monday, Aug. 4.
updated 9:39 am
173 1
A subscriber has questions about the use of gray water and how to help local wildlife.
updated 9:29 am
551 6
Roger has the scanner reports. I think we're going to need the Bear Cat to solve this horrible crime; Porta Potty vandalized in DLG Plaza.
updated 7:00 am
1103 14
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive?
updated 6:30 am
160 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 08/01/14
updated 6:00 am
179 add
Can you guess how many horses will be in the Historical Fiesta parade? Enter your guess to win a prize!
updated 8:56 pm
655 NA

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 01, 2014 reads comments
Roger reports a 23152 Drunk Driver: female in a blue and white motor home last seen North on SB Street. (08/01/14) 890 1
I need to drop a passenger at the train station at 11:30 AM tomorrow in the middle of parade chaos. Any suggestions on access? (08/01/14) 1432 16
Patti Gutshall thinks the best part of Fiesta is the food! [pic] (08/01/14) 1434 4
The Santa Barbara City Council will consider a proposal to sell City land to Direct Relief, an international humanitarian aid organization. (08/01/14) 1107 32
The Restaurant Guy says that a new entertainment venue named Blind Tiger Restaurant and Bar is having a pre-opening Fiesta celebration. (08/01/14) 2176 9
UCSB researchers have received $1 million to study smartphone security issues. (08/01/14) 718 20
I have a minor rat or mouse problem that I would like help with. Does anyone have any home remedy type rat discouraging recipe they can pass on? (08/01/14) 1458 42
An edhatter shares this historic [pic] of Old Spanish Days first Committee Chairman, Charles Pressley. (08/01/14) 430 add
The Mission was a beautiful backdrop for Max Rosenberg's [pics] of Fiesta festivities. (08/01/14) 949 add
Astronomy: Chuck reports that although we've had a drought of evening passes by the International Space Station, we're about to get a solid week of nice appearances. (08/01/14) 721 4
Updated With New Sighting: A subscriber saw the 3 Mules traveler at the Amtrak Station on Thursday morning. [pics] (08/01/14) 2327 27
Does anyone know what those gas-like bubbles near the shore of Sandspit at the Harbor exactly are? (08/01/14) 1111 12
Where can I buy fresh duck eggs in Santa Barbara? (08/01/14) 824 5
Ann Margaret McCormick Hurlburt (March 23, 1923 - July 26, 2014) (08/01/14) 352 add
Update: Activists have sued the City of Santa Barbara for alleged voting rights violations, reports the LA Times. (08/01/14) 1767 34
A subscriber shares a beautiful photo from the Mission on Wednesday during La Fiesta Pequeña. (08/01/14) 1317 7
Read the transcript of the Noozhawk and Mission and State meeting that led to the site's closure.
2855 33
A subscriber is looking for restaurants to visit away from the downtown Fiesta crowd. (08/01/14) 1707 41
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (08/01/14) 208 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 07/31/14 (08/01/14) 325 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 31, 2014 reads comments
Roger reports a traffic accident: pedestrian vs vehicle around 8pm at State and Haley. (07/31/14) 798 4
An edhat subscriber took this [pic] of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club all aglow. (07/31/14) 1528 1
Next summer, Santa Barbara will be a "Host Town" and Westmont College will provide housing and training facilities for athletes in the Special Olympics World Games LA. (07/31/14) 652 4
A subscriber reports that SBPD motor cops are ticketing lots of drivers near El Mercado del north. (07/31/14) 1735 19
Are there any transportation/shuttle services that Edhatters can recommend? (07/31/14) 624 8
Police have arrested Jose Alejandro Perez, age 40 of Santa Barbara, for attempted murder stemming from an incident that occurred on February 22, 2013. [mug] (07/31/14) 2728 13
245 Investigation (assault with a deadly weapon) at the Station. (07/31/14) 1369 31
Where is the best place to get glass replaced on an iPhone? (07/31/14) 1320 17
Brothers Yannick and Declan Gloster, part of the Sea Shell Association, have gone to Carnac, France to participate in the RS Feva World Championships. [pic] (07/31/14) 896 4
Vehicle accident in the 6100 block of Highway 246 where two vehicles ran into canisters containing chlorine powder. (07/31/14) 793 5
The Independent: The Independent reports that the Chumash Casino Resort is looking to expand. (07/31/14) 1239 54
The Restaurant Guy says that an organic, gluten-free café named Boochies is opening in the first few days of August at 113 W. De la Guerra Street. (07/31/14) 1496 48
Four bar/restaurants in Santa Barbara were recently cited for serving alcohol to minors, reports KEYT. (07/31/14) 5149 40
Roger reports a restraining order violation in the 3400 Block of Richland Drive. Subject came back and dumped a bunch of animals. (07/31/14) 1093 8
Grab your leash, your four legged friend, and come on down to Santa Barbara County Animal Services' Project PetSafe Licensing Clinic on Sunday, August 10th (07/31/14) 627 13
I've been seeing these bugs around my house lately, what are they? (07/31/14) 2594 29
Roger reports police activity at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. Units are responding with a Code 3, lights and siren. (07/31/14) 1361 4
For the locals who leave during Fiesta, where are you visiting this weekend? (07/31/14) 1143 33
Old Spanish Days photographer Fritz Olenberger captured the Pequeña rehearsal last night from a unique perspective. (07/31/14) 857 6
A subscriber reports a major gas leak on Hope Avenue near Lincolnwood at the construction site for the 9 new houses. (07/31/14) 835 19
The goats are back on TV Hill to eat away the brush. [pic] (07/31/14) 1500 12
A subscriber received a recall notice on a receipt from Ralphs. [pics] (07/31/14) 1935 19
Roger reports a Full fire response for a burning odor in a home with a sounding alarm in the 2700 block of Miradero Drive. (07/31/14) 463 4
HISTORY: A subscriber took a bike ride to La Cumbre Lookout and snapped a picture of the view. (07/31/14) 1087 5
Max Rosenberg enjoyed the Paseo Nuevo flamenco dance on Tuesday. (07/31/14) 683 5
I have never been to La Fiesta Pequeña before, will there be anywhere to sit? (07/31/14) 898 8
Donald Smith Pinkham (February 15, 1935 - July 27, 2014) (07/31/14) 294 add
The California Highway Patrol is seeking accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies for its communications operations. (07/31/14) 194 1
A subscriber shares a photo of lights on the Mission on Tuesday night getting ready for Fiesta Pequeña. (07/31/14) 907 2
Roger has the scanner reports. International driver Oregon plates. (07/31/14) 1075 3
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/31/14) 182 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 30, 2014 reads comments
Early set ups will not be allowed on the grassy areas around the Mission where thousands will come out for Fiesta Pequena, reports John Palminteri. [pic] (07/30/14) 1760 19
A halo above the Mission to bless the dress rehearsal of the Fiesta Pequeña. [pic] (07/30/14) 1477 11
A convicted murderer has sued the County of Santa Barbara and two jail guards for an alleged beating he sustained while at county jail last summer, reports The Independent. (07/30/14) 1803 18
In July 2014 officers from the Santa Barbara Police Department made 61 arrests for driving under the influence violations. (07/30/14) 1560 7
Injury traffic accident in the parking lot of the Santa Barbara Athletic Club in the 500 block of Castillo. (07/30/14) 1046 4
Community activists make presence felt at planning commission meeting to consider exemptions allowing current oil production and well maintenance to continue as directed under Measure "P". (07/30/14) 830 13
Doris Marie Theriot (May 13, 1927 - July 23, 2014) (07/30/14) 362 add
A reader shares a story of a remarkable moment at the Foreigner and Styx show. (07/30/14) 2253 13
An edhatter shares a vintage clip from the 1935 La Fiesta film. (07/30/14) 887 7
An edhat subscriber went to the SB Bowl on Sunday for the Foreigner and Styx show. [pics] (07/30/14) 1531 24
What is your favorite floral fragrance in Santa Barbara? (07/30/14) 1222 59
An edhat subscriber noticed a few signs posted on De La Vina and Victoria wishing someone a happy birthday. Did anyone else see signs like this? [pics] (07/30/14) 1840 20
Martin Holoien (d. July 18, 2014) (07/30/14) 477 1
Isn't this type of coastal weather typically reserved for the fall in our town? (07/30/14) 1764 51
TRAVEL: Max shares [pics] taken as he flew into Sun Valley yesterday. (07/30/14) 788 3
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/30/14) 213 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 29, 2014 reads comments
Who are the brilliant diagnostician nephrologists in the Santa Barbara area? (07/29/14) 1832 8
The Dedicated Staff watched the kick off of 2014 Old Spanish Days during La Recepción Del Presidente on Sunday evening. (07/29/14) 1118 8
Does anyone know if the Harry's to Harbor Fiesta race is happening this year? (07/29/14) 2009 9
Caltrans and the CHP are warning motorists statewide that the CHP is conducting maximum enforcement of traffic laws in active construction zones. (07/29/14) 916 9
I heard that there was a "true" Chicago style pizza joint opening up, is this true? (07/29/14) 3391 50
Report of a vegetation fire near Highway 166 at mile marker 30. County Fire Department is responding. (07/29/14) 571 1
Does anyone know what will be going into the former Blockbuster on the corner of Milpas and Mason Streets? (07/29/14) 2167 30
I was hoping to get the communities input on how and where I can sell baseball cards locally. (07/29/14) 1288 24
I would like to get our interlocking paver patio and walkways serviced (i.e. tightened and re-sanded). Any recommendations? (07/29/14) 873 3
An edhat subscriber shares a short [pic] history of her participation in Fiesta. (07/29/14) 1716 30
The SBCFD reminds homeowners that the survival of your home from a wildfire is directly linked to how well you maintain near-home vegetation. (07/29/14) 493 12
Does anyone know what is going on with the lemon groves across from the Stow House? (07/29/14) 1846 15
I live off Fairview in Goleta. Is that constant loud pounding from the freeway redo? (07/29/14) 1434 21
I'm looking for a place in SB or Goleta to store my new boat. Does anyone know of anyone renting out space? (07/29/14) 1282 14
Roger has the scanner reports. Sleeping Bag in the number one lane at Santa Claus Southbound. (07/29/14) 1136 11
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/29/14) 299 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 28, 2014 reads comments
Does anyone know of nurse recruiters or other ways to find jobs in nursing in the area? (07/28/14) 1282 9
Why have the hummingbirds stopped coming to our feeders? (07/28/14) 1883 23
Is this a blue heron? He/she shows up in our area every so often. [pics] (07/28/14) 1918 12
Roger reports a possible vegetation fire near the Gaviota Tunnel. Smoke seen and full County Fire response. (07/28/14) 1178 3
Does anyone know what type of bug this is? I know it bites! (07/28/14) 2554 13
Kitti's owner shares a statement regarding the recent dog death at the County Shelter. (07/28/14) 5262 76
Can any edhatters recommend a good sports nutritionist for a teen athlete? (07/28/14) 753 8
An edhat subscriber saw this questionable bug and wonders if anyone know what it is? [pics] (07/28/14) 1632 12
Aquaholic just returned from a solo four day trip to the Eastern Sierra Nevada range! [pics] (07/28/14) 1642 13
Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara has a lot of traditions, but did you name the correct 3 that started 65 years ago? Find out the answer! (07/28/14) 1164 1
HISTORY: Does anyone know where this rock is and if it's possible to hike to it? [pic] (07/28/14) 2383 7
Did anyone else witness the massive lightning in the foothills over Goleta last night? (07/28/14) 2751 24
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