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Breaking News reads comments
Has anyone had a toilet installed recently and can refer a handyman?
updated 5:00 pm
139 add
Rep. Capps offered an amendment to exempt federal oil and gas pipeline safety and spill mitigation rules from regulatory review requirements proposed as part of the REINS Act.
updated 4:30 pm
107 add
The California Judges Association has issued a statement regarding public criticism of Santa Barbara County Judge Brian Hill's sentencing in the Duanying Chen case.
updated 4:00 pm
570 16
Water will soon be released into the Santa Ynez River from Lake Cachuma's Bradbury Dam.
updated 3:15 pm
463 7
Roger reports a subject with a shotgun taped to his leg is near Chase bank on Fairview.
updated 3:06 pm
1229 15
Venoco is requesting an emergency permit to truck oil out of the Goleta facility.
updated 2:30 pm
363 6
The Independent: Haggen laid off fourteen developmentally disabled employees from the five store locations in Santa Barbara and Goleta.
updated 2:00 pm
1645 47
UPDATED: Roger reports a full City Fire response to a water flow alarm problem in the 100 block of East Haley.
updated 1:58 pm
452 5
Astronomy: Just in time for the predicted monsoonal cloudiness, the International Space Station may be visible for the next few days.
updated 1:04 pm
407 5
Roger reports a hit and run at Chapala Market located at 605 North Milpas. The victims are a mother and daughter.
updated 1:01 pm
706 7
The City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a community open house to review design plans and to discuss recreation programming options for a renovated Cabrillo Pavilion and Bathhouse.
updated 12:07 pm
326 5
Santa Barbara Police will suspend parking enforcement of the 75 and 90 minute curb parking during the Fiesta parade on Friday, August 7.
updated 12:01 pm
437 7
A subscriber would like help identifying a blooming yellow flower at the park.
updated 11:40 am
475 3
Oil Spill: Friday was a spill fill day at the Refugio site when John Wiley flew out for a look. [pics]
updated 11:00 am
578 5
Due to public health concerns of illegal food vendors during Fiesta, law enforcement will enforcing food vending ordinances.
updated 10:08 am
1028 35
Roger reports a bicyclist vs pedestrian near 20 East Carrillo Street, it's unknown if there's an injury.
updated 10:01 am
366 8
On Tuesday, July 28 at approximately 9:30 a.m., the SB County Office of Emergency Management will conduct an annual full siren test.
updated 9:00 am
716 3
Roger reports a domestic disturbance in the 3500 block of Modoc. Allegedly a son, in possession of a knife, was attacking his mother.
updated 8:52 am
1036 51
A dehydrated dog was rescued from a Gaviota trail by firefighters this past Sunday.
updated 8:30 am
847 19
Local activist group, PODER, responds to their questions being ignored at a recent Proposition 47 panel.
updated 8:00 am
860 11
Attempted murder charges have been dropped against the two suspects involved in an Isla Vista shooting this past May.
updated 7:30 am
854 12
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive?
updated 6:30 am
175 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 07/28/15
updated 6:00 am
150 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 28, 2015 reads comments
The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department is initiating a comprehensive health assessment of our community and is asking for the public to complete a survey. (07/28/15) 960 15
A tale of two cities played out for John Wiley as he approached Santa Paula to land. [pics] (07/28/15) 1269 7
A subscriber wonders if Southwest Airlines will be coming to the Santa Barbara Airport. (07/28/15) 2376 22
The Independent: Santa Barbara officials are beginning to crack down on aggressive sales tactics from downtown cosmetic stores. (07/28/15) 3318 58
Roger reports a traffic accident on SR-154 at San Marcos Road involving a horse trailer and 3 other vehicles. (07/28/15) 1849 13
The City of Santa Barbara has developed a real-time parking web application that provides up to date parking availability for all the Downtown Parking lot locations. (07/28/15) 1529 34
A subscriber reports several fire trucks heading east from Solvang while hearing of a possible fire in Los Olivos. (07/28/15) 945 11
Roger reports a robbery in the 6600 block of Picasso in Isla Vista with a suspect who simulated a handgun. (07/28/15) 1424 14
The project to improve roadway conditions on the 101 undercrossing at Castillo Street continues with overnight roadwork on Tuesday. (07/28/15) 603 7
Is it legal to use a jet ski in the swimming area at Miramar Beach? (07/28/15) 1877 21
A robust integrated photonics manufacturing industry would boost the economy and result in energy-efficient, higher-performance computing and telecommunications. (07/28/15) 683 3
John S. Clark (1947- July 20, 2015) (07/28/15) 1350 3
Nora shares a [pic] where the tree looks like it is capturing the moon. (07/28/15) 1387 7
Can edhatters identify this amazing plant? [pic] (07/28/15) 2084 16
Roger has the scanner reports. I have great memories of my Grandfather and Uncle taking me to games back in the '60's. (07/28/15) 919 6
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/28/15) 203 add
Here is the Daily Edhat newsletter for 07/27/15 (07/28/15) 301 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 27, 2015 reads comments
Oil Spill: Due to heavy equipment operation, a single-lane closure will continue through Aug. 2 in the southbound direction of the 101 west of Refugio. (07/27/15) 367 6
Updated: Roger reports a vegetation fire on Highway 101 at Calle Mariposa Reina. (07/27/15) 1703 5
Roger reports the Harbor Patrol is searching for a possible kayaker in distress 2 miles out off Leadbetter point. (07/27/15) 1581 21
TRAVEL: Never been to Beirut? Check out this edhat subscriber's beautiful [pics] from Lebanon. (07/27/15) 1425 7
Probable paddle racers and a sand surfer ceremony greeted John Wiley's flight to Santa Paula Saturday. [pics] (07/27/15) 1142 2
Gwendolyn Strong, a local girl and inspiration to many, passed away Saturday morning. (07/27/15) 3939 13
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares spectacular [pics] from a recent stop in Iceland. (07/27/15) 1663 21
Roger reports a vehicle fire on SR-154 near Kinevan and the Cold Springs Bridge. (07/27/15) 1382 18
Who knows the name of this beautiful flower? [pic] (07/27/15) 1971 13
Lately on multiple occasions a pair of helicopters have flown low and loud and pretty fast across the city. Anyone know what's up? (07/27/15) 2110 35
Eugene Custer Baum (August 8, 1941 - June 17, 2015) (07/27/15) 660 1
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber shares a [pic] of some lovely white hydrangeas in Chicago. (07/27/15) 909 5
Does anyone know what type of huge hissing bug or beetle this is? [pics] (07/27/15) 1829 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 26, 2015 reads comments
TRAVEL: Edhat subscriber Pam shares a few [pics] from her recent travels in the Sierras. (07/26/15) 1594 17
Roger reports a possible fall victim in the 6500 Block of Del Playa. Fire, Medics, SBSO are on scene.. (07/26/15) 1621 4
A subscriber captured [pics] of a yellow-crowned night-heron in Santa Barbara. (07/26/15) 1529 12
TRAVEL: Max captured photos of a fire near the Vegas Strip, seen from the airport. (07/26/15) 1622 2
Cartoons: Mike shares another funny cartoon about the silly sounds ketchup bottles make. (07/26/15) 1092 10
Local teens from Girls Inc. of Carpinteria are taking on Washington D.C. next week. (07/26/15) 1188 2
Roger reports a car thief is being pursued near Refugio Beach by Santa Barbara Sheriff Deputies. (07/26/15) 1278 13
Two Santa Barbara natives are changing the way surfboards are made with their custom foam design. (07/26/15) 2742 4
LeAnne shows kids how to balloon joust at the Central Library in Santa Barbara. (07/26/15) 632 1
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: Friends of the Montecito Library mission is to foster community awareness, support and use of the facilities, materials and programs of the Montecito Library. (07/26/15) 499 1
Friday afternoon John Wiley saw people in the courthouse tower and blanket colors arrayed in the garden. [pics] (07/26/15) 1207 7
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sawyer, a black and white kitty who specializes in cuteness. (07/26/15) 990 2
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Chula and Savannah, super sweet sisters. (07/26/15) 837 5
A subscriber reports Santa Barbara County is planning a cleanup of local creeks and drainages. [pic] (07/26/15) 741 9
A subscriber wonders why the song "I Feel Pretty" was cut from West Side Story in the Sunken Gardens on Friday night. (07/26/15) 2145 39
Updated: A subscriber wonders what is being built off Punta Gorda Street. (07/26/15) 1714 31
Max spotted the Apple Maps van in the Mesa area on Friday. [pic] (07/26/15) 1767 15

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 25, 2015 reads comments
Roger reports a burglary in the 1000 block of Coast Village Road. A subject climbed through a window while the reporting party escaped out the door. (07/25/15) 1575 6
Roger reports a traffic accident where a vehicle struck a child in the 400 block of Old Coast Highway. (07/25/15) 1180 7
A subscriber is wondering if they're allowed to plant a rice paddy on their property and if anyone has experience doing so. (07/25/15) 2186 39
Can edhatters identify this purple plant? (07/25/15) 1630 6
The Santa Barbara Courthouse clock tower has reopened after making improvements for those with mobility challenges. (07/25/15) 809 4
The mosaic lizard living on the banks of Mission Creek next to Rocky Nook Park, named Harry, turns 20 years old next week. [pic] (07/25/15) 1545 9
In honor of National Tequila Day, edhatters sent in photos of their beverages. (07/25/15) 1030 6
The California Fish and Game Commission recognized Deputy District Attorney Kevin Weichbrod for his dedication to the prosecution of wildlife crimes. [pic] (07/25/15) 961 14
Aliene G. (Jessee) Johnson (September 21, 1928 - June 8, 2015) (07/25/15) 406 add
As athletes for the Special Olympics make their way to the 2015 World Games in Los Angeles, they make a stop at the UCSB campus (07/25/15) 639 3
UPDATE:Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Detectives have arrested 21-year old Bryan Rios as a 5th person who is alleged to have played a direct role in the death of Javier Limon. [mug] (07/25/15) 4712 7
An edhat subscriber shares a beach [pic] taken at Isla Vista Beach. (07/25/15) 1660 6
Robert W. Killen (August 15, 1954 - June 4, 2015) (07/25/15) 911 add
Mike snapped [pics] of the Rainbow Girls at Thursday's Concert In The Park. (07/25/15) 1616 3
It's a small ocean fall, but have you seen this one John Wiley found in Big Sur? [pic] (07/25/15) 2023 8
Roger reports a traffic accident on Patterson over the 101 in Goleta. All lanes blocked temporarily. (07/25/15) 1359 1
A low income apartment building in Old Town Goleta will be receiving $18 million in renovations. (07/25/15) 1509 15
Musician Jack Johnson presented the Santa Barbara Bowl with a custom water refill station to reduce single-use plastic waste at concerts. [pic] (07/25/15) 2569 19
Roger has the scanner reports.  Suspicious object found on Harris Grade Road. (07/25/15) 1039 3
The "Hills Bandit" was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison Tuesday for a string of bank robberies from Laguna Niguel to Santa Barbara. (07/25/15) 879 3
Use this thread to share any info about today's commute. Slow? Fast? Accidents? Cool links you use to navigate the morning drive? (07/25/15) 235 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 24, 2015 reads comments
Update: Several edhat subscribers are reporting an unidentified flying object in the sky over Santa Barbara. Did anyone else see it? (07/24/15) 4019 34
Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center prepares to send one of it its own to the Special Olympics World Games. [pics] (07/24/15) 947 5
Solvang officially welcomed Special Olympics Denmark Delegation yesterday. [pics] (07/24/15) 540 1
The Montecito Fire Protection District announces a vacancy exists on the Board of Directors. (07/24/15) 461 1
The City received $1,785,905 in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) for the month of June 2015, which is a 6.7% growth over June 2014. (07/24/15) 562 14
The man who was struck and killed by an Amtrak train near the Santa Barbara Zoo on Monday has been identified. (07/24/15) 4518 15
The California Highway Patrol has released a report on a traffic accident that took place on Highway 1 near Lompoc on Thursday morning. (07/24/15) 956 9
A local swimmer is recovering after a seal attacked and bit her leg on Wednesday morning, just off Leadbetter Beach. (07/24/15) 2125 15
Work continues on the east side of Storke. They are altering the signal median island and widening northbound Storke to create a wider transition lane. [pic] (07/24/15) 631 1
Roger reports an injury traffic accident at De La Guerra and Milpas Streets. The driver has a possible head injury. (07/24/15) 776 1
Updated with press release: Roger reports a cliff rescue of a male and two K-9's who are stuck on a cliff at the Douglas Family Preserve. [vid] (07/24/15) 3634 32
A subscriber found a friendly blue belly lizard. Does anyone know how old it is? [pics] (07/24/15) 1687 21
An edhat subscriber shares an email about possible future development of the More Mesa area. (07/24/15) 1968 28
An iconic Linden Ave restaurant building has sold and Tony's has closed due to the sale. (07/24/15) 1994 14
A Santa Barbara Judge is receiving extra protection by the Sheriff's Office after threats were made following the recent puppy torture case. (07/24/15) 2602 52
Roger reports a structure fire with two people possibly inside of the home located at 142 Inverness Ave in Lompoc. (07/24/15) 643 9
Edhat subscribers share [pics] of Allison Krause and Willy Nelson performing at the Santa Barbara Bowl. (07/24/15) 1097 4
A subscriber provides follow up to the Bike Master Plan City Council meeting this week. (07/24/15) 920 30
Does anyone in the area still perform a car engine steam cleaning service? (07/24/15) 816 11

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